Bernice High School 4-H Club

The Gazette
January 11, 1939

Our club met January 3, 1939. The house was called to order and the minutes of our last meeting were read. The roll was called and and we answering by saying what project we were taking. Then we turned the meeting over to Miss Nelson and Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy had two boys to give a demonstration on how to care for milk and keep disease germs out of it. The boys were Calvin Reeves and John Willie Frazier. Then Mr. Kennedy had two more boys to give a demonstration on how to keep sweet potatoes from decaying and how to bed them. These boys were Roy Moore and Herbert Reeves. Miss Nelson then gave a demonstration on bread making. When she had finished, Mr. Kennedy talked to us more about how to bed sweet potatoes.

The Mr. Price, our principal, gave us a speech on what grand work Mr. Kennedy and Miss Nelson were carrying on with us.

There being no further business we were adjourned until our next regular meeting.

Frances Albritton, Reporter.


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