Downsville O. E. S. Elect and Install Officers

The Gazette
January 11, 1939
Downsville, La.,
January 10, 1939

The Downsville O. E. S. met Monday night, January 9, for a regular meeting and to install the following officers for the ensuing year.

Worthy Matron, Mrs. Janie Bryan; Worthy Patron, R. W. Bryan; Assistant Matron, Miss Grace Jones; Assistant Patron; Cecil Albritton; Secretary, Mrs. Vera Bachman; Treasurer, Mrs. Beulah McMoy; Conductress, Mrs. Edith Murphy; Assistant Conductress, Mrs. Mattie Jones, Marshal, Mrs. Ollibeth Hammons, Organist, Mrs. Mary Hinton; Adah, Mrs. Mattie Lou McGehee; Ruth, Mrs. Paul Durbin; Esther, Mrs. Mamie Weems; Martha, Mrs. Linnie Grace Roberson; Electa, Mrs. Emma Roye; Was., Miss Dove Hale; Sentinel S. U. Jones.


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