S. S. and B. T. U. Convention to be Held at Zion Hill

The Gazette
January 11, 1939

The following program of the Everett Association Sunday School and B. T. U. convention to be held at Zion Hill church ten miles north of Farmerville on January 15, has been announced.

Theme: “The Value of Trained Workers in our Churches.” 2:45 P. M. Devotional

  1. The value and need of a religious census in every church.
  2. Sunday school enrollment (a) What to do about it. (b) Whether to organize contests to create interest.
  3. How to enlist the uninterested in Sunday School
  4. The importance of trained officers and teachers and how to secure them.
  5. The place of the Bible in the Sunday School. (a) for the teacher (b) for the pupil (c) how to use it
Round table discussion, led by Rev. G. C. Dennis.
Promotional Leader of the Association, Rev. B. C. Smith.

Every S. S. and B. T. U. officer and teacher, also members of either, earnestly requested to attend.


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