Union Parish Boy Making Good At Southwestern

The Gazette
January 11, 1939
By Donald Bordelon

Raymond Sawyer, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Sawyer of Farmerville, is making good at Southwestern Louisiana Institute.

Mr. Sawyer graduated from Farmerville High school in the class of 1933. Realizing that his parents were unable to send him to college, Raymond enrolled in the CCC. Here he studied until August 31, 1936. Having saved his money, Mr. Sawyer entered Northeast Center of L. S. U., where he earned a “B” average for the nine months term.

Having become interested in forestry while in the CCC, Raymond took up the subject in college. His ambition is to become a United States Forest Ranger.

At the beginning of the 1937 fall semester Mr. Sawyer found that he was unable to return to college because of a lack of funds. Therefore, he did the next best thing, secured a job with the United States Soil Conservation Service at Farmerville. Here he gained valuable experience in his chosen field of work by working with Mr. Larver, Forester for the project.

In August, 1938, Raymond succeeded in getting on the National Youth Administration, and he was immediately transferred to Lafayette, Louisiana so that he could attend S. L. I. He attends classes in the mornings and works in the evenings. This job enables him to pay his room and board and have a few dollars each month for spending money.

Although Mr. Sawyer has been at Southwestern only a short time, he has already made many friends among the students and has gained the respect and liking of all his instructors. He has also maintained the high grades that he made at Northeast Center of Louisiana State University.


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