The Gazette
January 11, 1939

Rev. A. T. Mitchell filled his regular appointments Sunday at the Baptist church. He presented on a most beautiful manner two wonderful sermons and both morning and evening services brought a large number of people. Rev. Mitchell is a very consecrated man of God and all of the people who think he can’t preach a good sermon should try coming out to church and hear for themselves. We believe he is doing a great work in the Baptist church of Bernice and the Christian spirit is running high. The every member canvass is on a drive and every Baptist in Bernice should feel it an honor and Christian duty to sign their pledge card for the year 1939.

Let us all as a body of Baptist people in Bernice back our little preacher up on his good work and prove to him that we believe in him and his sweet Christian life and this will inspire him to serve and work and preach even greater sermons than he ever has. He has meant much to our town and has kept his shoulder to the wheel through trials and tribulations and sorrows and heart-aches and we the people of Bernice love him more for it. Prove to him you believe in him by coming out to Sunday school and church each Sunday morning and evening throughout this year of 1939.


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