Linville Junior Homemarkers

The Gazette
January 11, 1939

The Linville Junior Homemakers met December 20 for the purpose of initiating the following new members: Ernestine Parks, Inez Nale, Lurlene Halsey, Nellie Brantley, Kathleen Pardue, Julia Ford, Edna Reppond, Gladys Brantley, Margaret Thomas, Marvis Thomas, Louise Reppond, Rubye Reppond, Rufaye Pardue, Myrtis Mitchel, Dot Malone, Ione Daye, Mary E. Crow, Kathryn Bell and Aline Reppond.

The auditorium with Christmas decorations, was a very appropriate background for the “candle light” initiation ceremony.

After the ceremony, the old members entertained the new members with a buffet luncheon consisting of sandwiches, banana and peanut salad, cookies and cocoa.

Following the luncheon was the Christmas tree, where everyone received nice gifts.

We are proud to say that every Linville Home Economics girl is a Junior Home Maker.

The club sent Christmas boxes to three families.


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