The Gazette
January 11, 1939

WHEREAS it has pleased the Great Architect of the Universe, in His wisdom, to call from labor to refreshment to “that house not made with hands eternal in the heavens” our beloved brother, George W. Ward; and,

WHEREAS, by this dispensation we are bereft of one of our most loyal and faithful members whose heart we knew to be that of a true Mason; and,

WHEREAS, in the loss of brother Ward we fell that we can say the loss is irreparable; that, viewing his broken column, we are reminded that one of the strong supports of Masonry has gone; that the community and the Lodge have sustained the loss of a great and good citizen whose desire and aim was always to do right and to set an example to others to do so, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY UNION FRATERNAL LODGE NO. 53, F. & A. M., that we take this means to express our deep sorrow because of the sudden going of our brother; that we extend to his bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy pointing them to Him who counts the stars and without whose knowledge not even a sparrow falls for comfort and consolation in this dark hour,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be spread on our minutes a copy sent to the family of the deceased and a copy handed The Gazette for publication.


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