Armand F. Rabun Issues Statement To the Voters

The Gazette
January 18, 1939

It is with a great deal of pleasure to me and appreciation to the people of Union Parish that I enter the second primary in the race for District Attorney of this Judicial District Attorney of this Judicial District to be held on January 24th, 1939.

It was my intention in the first primary and is my intention in the second to conduct my campaign in such a manner as would be appropriate with the duties incumbent upon a District Attorney. I wish to state now that Mr. Everett, Mr. Fuller and Mr. Madden seemingly had the same idea in mind, and as the result the people over both parishes, complimented not only myself but the candidates who were eliminated in the first primary as to our ideals and pleasing manner in which the first primary was conducted. However, there has come into the second campaign rumors which, if repeated more than twice, would result and be termed as “mud-slinging.” I do not and will not approve or condone such things. I understand that my opponent has indulged in such things. I understand that my opponent has indulged in such practices on one or more occasions in a public speech or speeches made by him in this parish. It is my promise to the people of this District that I shall never indulge in any critical or degrading remarks of my opponent nor his friends. If it is not possible for me to gain the office on my own merits, I do not wish to be elected on the demerits of my opponent. I have conducted this campaign without the aid or assistance of anyone other than the people who check (X) the ballot on the day of election. I have no paid campaigners going over this parish or Lincoln Parish in my behalf. I will not be tied to nor obligated to anyone except the people who elect me.

I seek the office because of the fact that am qualified to fulfill the duties incumbent upon one designated as District Attorney of this the Third Judicial District.

The people of this parish know that my practice has consisted of both criminal and civil matters, and that during the time of the existence of the partnership of Teddy Bergeron and Armand Rabun, that practically all criminal matters in this parish were handled by Mr. Bergeron and myself. Also, that after Mr. Bergeron was elected District Attorney, I handled all criminal matters in this parish and without the association of anyone. Both Mr. Bergeron and myself were successful in the majority of the criminal cases consisted of manslaughter, burglary, rape and other felony cases, requiring jury trial. When elected as your District Attorney, it will be necessary that the experience which I have gained both in the prosecution and defense of criminal cases be used.

I was born and reared in Union Parish attended the public schools of Union Parish, a resident and taxpayer of Union Parish, and as the result believe that I understand and can more thoroughly settle the problems of the people of Union Parish than can my opponent.

Assuring you of my appreciation for your consideration, vote and support on January 24th, 1939, I am

Armand F. Rabun,
Candidate for District Attorney.


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