Pat Murphy Made Chairman in Union For Birthday Event

The Gazette
January 18, 1939
Baton Rouge, La.,
January 16, 1939

The appointment of Sheriff Pat Murphy as Union Parish Chairman of the Committee for the celebration of the President’s Birthday to direct the activities in the drive to raise funds for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis is announced by State Treasurer A. P. Tugwell, who is State Chairman of the committee. The quota of Union Parish is $500.00.

The parish chairman is appointing a local committee to handle the celebration in his parish and solicit contributions, Mr. Tugwell said. The parish superintendent of schools has been requested to serve as co-chairman of the parish committee to direct the campaign for funds among school children, he added. The superintendent has been asked to make the principal of each school in the parish a member of his committee.

Birthday balls, concerts, dinners and sporting events are being planned for the celebration of President Roosevelt’s birthday, and the proceeds will be used in a nation-wide fight against infantile paralysis, he stated.

Under a new plan of permanent organization, local chapters of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis will be established in each parish, Mr. Tugwell said. He explained that 50 per cent of the funds raised will be retained to fight infantile paralysis in the State, and the other halr will be sent to national headquarters to be used in the nation-wide drive against the disease.


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