Mrs. Kilpatrick in Charge of Bernice Funeral Home

The Gazette
January 25, 1939

The beautiful new funeral home at Bernice, owned and operated by the Kilpatrick Funeral Home and Burial Association, is now in full charge of Mrs. E. N. Kilpatrick.

Mrs. Kilpatrick, with her charming personality and broad information about everything concerning embalming and holding an embalmer’s certificate under the state law, is in a position to render a quite satisfactory service to the people of that community in their hours of bereavement at the loss of a loved one. She will give her personal attention to all lady cases. She is the only lady in this section of the state holding an embalmer’s certificate.

Kilpatrick service has become a household word in this section, and the funeral home at Bernice is equipped with everything modern and necessary to keep that high standard of service which has placed it at the head of funeral service in the territory it serves.

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