Parish Educational System Rapidly Moving Forward

The Gazette
January 25, 1939


A bright, promising future now looms ahead of the educational system in Union Parish, thinks Elton J. Upshaw, Parish Superintendent. He is joined in this opinion by members of the parish school board and others connected with the system in the parish, according to reports.

A repair and expanding program is well under way at several of the high schools, according to Superintendent Elton J. Upshaw. At Marion the project consists of repairs to the present high school building, construction of a modern gymnasium and auditorium, combination agricultural class room and shop, and a seven-room principal’s home, all of brick veneer construction, the total cost of which will approximate $60,000.00. Government assistance in financing the project has been a great benefit.

The Bernice project consists of a modern grammar school and gymnasium, repairs to the present high school building and a complete overhauling of the old grammar school building. Government aid also has availed on this project.

The Linville project consists of a modern auditorium gymnasium, a single unit science building, and in addition to the home economics building, the principal’s home and the agriculture teacher’s home have been completely repaired and painted with NYA labor.

At Downsville a modern home economics cottage, a combination class room and shop and an additional science room and an extension to the auditorium of the present high school building and modern sanitary indoor toilets are being installed.

At Farmerville a complete repairing of the damages done by an explosion of a gas heater has been effected, converting the rooms into a modern home economics department. This building has also been completely reroofed, all window lights replaced and the necessary painting done. The hazardous plaster in the hallways has been torn down and replaced with celotex ceiling, which eliminates the hazard of falling plaster. This work has been done and the new department has been furnished at an approximate cost of $3,000.00 according to Mr. Upshaw.

Mr. Upshaw said that notice has been received from John E. Coxe, State chairman of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, that the Marion and Bernice schools have been approved for membership in that association, upon further investigation by the committee. It is the aim of the school board and the school officials, the superintendent said, to bring all high schools, in the parish up to standard for admission to the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. This means that boys and girls graduating from these schools will be able to enter any reputable college or university in the South and elsewhere without entrace examinations.

The schools as a whole are doing nicely in the parish and a bright future for educational work looms ahead, Mr. Upshaw thinks.


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