Union Gin School Students Now Have Hot Lunches Daily

The Gazette
January 25, 1939
By Ernestine Elliott
Seventh Grade

The people of the Union Gin community have started a hot lunch at school. The mothers and fathers met a the school house Dec. 22, 1938, and Dr. Montgomery and Miss Clark gave an interesting talk on the value of a hot lunch. They decided it would be a very nice thing to do. Mrs. Ruth Wynn and Mrs. Ethel Tabor visited each home and got the things as follows: hens, peas, tomatoes, beans, corn and money. The mothers met at the canning kitchen on Thursday, January 5 to can the chickens.

They canned 92 cans of chickens to be used in the soup. Mr. Albrittion cooperated with our program and helped to make it possible by giving reduced prices on all groceries.

On Monday, January 9, each child brought his bowl and spoon and at noon was served hot soup and crackers, which was enjoyed by all.

Following is the list of those who made the lunch plan possible:

Mrs. Lee Porter, one hen; Mrs. Ernest Copeland, two hens and four quarts; Mrs. Jim Austin, two hens, one-half gallon, five quarts; Mrs. Willie Reeves, .50c, two hens, two and a half gallons, one quart; Mrs. Beckham, one hen, four quarts; Mrs. Simpson, one hen, one and a half gallons, one quart; Mrs. Ross Reeves, $1.00, two hens; Mrs. Lillie Rea, two hens, four quarts; Mrs. Ben Gresham, 1 hen, two quarts; Mrs. Bagwell, two hens, a half gallon and one quart; Mrs. Ruth Wynn, two hens, four quarts; Mrs. W. M. Liggin, one hen, one can, one quart; Mrs. White, two hens, one can, 5 quarts; Mrs. McIntosh 50c, one hen; Mrs. Albritton, two hens; Mrs. Jess Fomby, $1.00, two hens; Mrs. Bill Elliott, 50c, two hens; Mrs. Hutto, 45c, one hen; Mrs. Addie Welch, two hens; Mrs. Georgia Flurry, one case of corn; Mrs. Frazier, 75c, two hens; Mrs. R. S. Tabor, 50c, two hens; Mrs. Lee Roy Lee, .25c, two hens, one -half gallon; Mrs. Bud Ray, two hens; Mrs. Martin, six cans; Mrs. Ina Austin, two hens, four cans; Mrs. Ben Rodgers, six cans; Mrs. Copeland, one can, one-half gallon, two quarts; Mrs. Bertie Elliott, two hens; Mrs. Elmer Anderson, two hens; Mrs. Frank McCuller, $1.00; Mrs. Cumy McDougle, one half gallon, six lbs rice; Mrs. Lowery, three cans, three quarts.

We thank the people very much.


The difference between some people and a hen is that a hen only cackles when she had done something worth while.


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