The Gazette
February 1, 1939

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Boone and children of Bryceland spent Sunday here with Mrs. G. R. Boone and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Turnage.

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Taylor spent Friday in Simsboro with Mr. and Mrs. George Carroll.

Miss Hilda Fuller spent Sunday at Winnfield with Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fuller.

Miss Billie Taylor left Friday for Ruston where she has accepted a position as secretary to District Attorney Truett L. Scarborough.

The many friends of Mrs. Henry Caskey will regret to learn she has been quite ill the past week.

Mr. Tommye Miller, who is employed in Mississipal, spent the week end here with his family.

Mr. Alvin Dufilho, of Minden, has been transferred to the Soil Conservation Service here.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Boughen and little son spent the week end at Tallulah with relatives.

Mrs. Orene Bowen and Miss Ellen Boulware spent the week end at Monroe with Mr. and Mrs. Hobson Boulware.

Miss Bobbie Scott has returned to her home at Mansfield after a week’s stay here int eh home of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. O’Donnel.

Mr. Sam Broussard spent the week end at Leesville.

Mr. “Doc” Jarrel spent the week end at Mansfield with his parents.

Miss Florinell Francis, of L.S.U. at Baton Rouge, spent the week end here with her father, Dr. C. C. Francis.

Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Montgomery and Miss Grace Mizell spent Friday in Shreveport.

Miss Mary Louise Smith, of Rayville, spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Smith.

Mrs. Charlie Lewis is visiting her daughter, Miss Mary Lewis, at Natchez.

Mrs. R. E. Pace was called to Linden, Ala., Saturday on account of the death of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Jim Nettles.

Rev. M. A. Treadwell attended the funeral services of Rev. E. E. Huntsbury, at West Monroe Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett J. Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Everett, Jr., went to New Orleans Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Everett and Mrs. Lee returned yesterday, while Mr. Lee will remain there for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Seab spent the week end at Vidalia with Mr. Seab’s parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Webb, of Minden, spent the week end here with relatives.

Mrs. Georgie Fenton is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Gordon Murphy, at Monroe.

Mr. William Baskerville, of Minden, spent the week end here with friends.

Mrs. Irene Covington and Mrs. Ruby Robichaux and Miss Ruth Gill spent a few days of week in Monroe.

Mrs. J. B. Parrott sent the week end at Zwolle.

Mrs. Jack Calder, of Monroe, spent the week end here with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jacob.

Mrs. Arthur Tucker has returned from a visit with her parents at Dodson.

Richard Truly and Otis Lee Tugwell, of L. S. U., spent the week end here with their parents.

Mr. Monroe Tucker is in a hospital in Shreveport for treatment.

Rowland Pearson Gill, of Ruston, spent Thursday here with Mr. Mrs. M. J. Pearson.

Mrs. J. D. Baughman and Miss Faye Baughman visited relatives at Rayville last week.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rabb, on January 26th, at a hospital in Ruston, a daughter, Rose Virginia.

Miss Waurine Edwards, Miss Annie Laura Booth, Junior Odom, Jones Edward Booth, Robert Lee Albritton, John L. Stewart, John Ed Rabun, Miss Martha Wainwright, Miss Jean Calhoun, Miss Alice Virginia Mitchell, Miss Lucie Nell Wainwright and Miss Mignon Terral were among the students of La. Tech to spend the week end at their homes here.

Miss Dean Beaird, of Homer, spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Beaird.

Mrs. W. R. Whitaker and Mrs. Charlie Beal spent Friday in Ruston with Mrs. Beal’s daughter, Mrs. Max Feazel.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Whitaker spent Sunday in Magnolia with Mr. and Mrs. David Cooper. Little Billie Cooper returned to his home with them after spending a month here with Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker.

Mr. Gene Gillum, Jr., of Overton, Texas, and Mrs. J. M. Doyle, of Shreveport, were guests of Mrs. George Ward Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Bailey and children, of Ruston, were guests of Mrs. Bailey’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Beaird, Sunday.

Dr. and Mrs. Tanner, of Bernice, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Baxter Sunday.

Don’t miss the Amateur program here next Friday night.

Honored With Social Events

The visit of Mrs. Gussie Wright of Alexandria, La., to her sister, Mrs. Duke Selig, has been the inspiration for a number of pretty social events.

Among them was the two-table bridge party given by Miss Reita Hartman at her lovely home. The hostess’ gift to Mrs. Wright was stationery and to Mrs. Jim Futch for high score linen handkerchiefs.

Delightful refreshments were served to the following guests:

Mrs. Gussie Wright, Mrs. Duke Selig, Mrs. John Taylor, Mrs. W. C. Tugwell, Mrs. John Taylor, Mrs. W. C. Tugwell, Mrs. Jim Futch, Mrs. J. A. Wainwright, Mrs. Lester Hartman, Mrs. Harvey Fields and Mrs. Frank Yelton.

Mrs. Gussie Wright Guest of Honor at Bridge

Mrs. W. Owen was hostess Wednesday afternoon at a delightful bridge party complimenting Mrs. Gussie Wright, of Alexandria, who is the guest of Mrs. Duke Selig.

Mrs. Joe Gross and Mrs. Ben Lee received lovely score favors. Mrs. Wright was presented linen guest towels.

At the close of the games a delicious salad course was served.

The invited guests including Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Duke Selig, Mrs. J. A. Wainwright, Mrs. Jim Futch, Mrs. Joe Gross, Mrs. Ben Lee, Mrs. W. C. Tugwell and Mrs. Elton Upshaw.

Mrs. A. J. Daniel Honoree

A miscellaneous shower was given on Friday, January 20, at the home of Mrs. Jesse Tubbs, honoring Mrs. A. J. Daniel, nee Miss Mary Lee Tubbs. Delicious refreshments were served to the following:

Mr. Richard Daniel, Mesdames Hease Farrar, Lee Tubbs, Bill Slade, Everette McMurrain, W. R. Agerton, Onis Daniel, Ivy Daniel, Paul Andrews, A. W. Daniel, W. B. Rhodes, Clara Slade, Allie Auger, Emma Griffin, Allie Slade, Alton Auger, Jeff Gulley, Charlie Holley, Gus Turnage, Bill Tubbs, Dewitt Daniel, Heard Odom, Jesse Tubbs, Abner James and Misses Sue Tugwell, LaRue Agerton, Christine Tubbs and the honoree, Mrs. A. J. Daniel. –Com.


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