4H Club News

The Gazette
February 8, 1939

Spencer Club

Monday, January 9th

Mr. Kennedy and Miss Nelson came on 4-H Club day. Some of the members changed their projects. We took in new members. John Doss Rushing and Reginald Spencer gave a demonstration on milk, which we enjoyed very much. Mr. Kennedy also gave a demonstration on sweet potatoes, which we also enjoyed. There were eighteen girls and thirteen boys which made a total of twenty-eight.

Marceal Thomas, Reporter

Linville Club

Several of the Linville club members are making considerable progress with their projects for this year, especially in livestock. Merlin Thomas’ Poland China gilt is growing as fast as possible, and Walter Wilson has already a nice bank account from his hog project, with still most of the year left. Walter’s Herford calf is also looking like a real baby beef.

Jack Pilgreen has terraced his corn patch, and several more of the boys are working on improving their corn and cotton patches.

The girls are also making progress with their projects.

The Linville club is working to have a the best club in the parish this year.

Walter Wilson, Reporter

Spearsville Club

President Percy Wade being absent, vice-president Mardell Nash presided over the meeting. First the house was called to order and the minutes were read by the secretary. Then the roll called and the members answered by giving their hobby.

Three demonstrations were given. First “Bedding Sweet Potatoes” by Ray Crawford and Boyce Miller. The second was “Milk Sanitation” by Willie Bert and Mary Terral. The third, “Importance of Breakfast” by Nell Tatum. All three of the demonstrations were interesting.

Three new members joined our club. They were Mary Carrol, Marjorie Upshaw and Elois Miller.

Afterwards the meeting was turned over to Mr. Kennedy and we adjourned until the next regular meeting the 1st Wednesday in March.

Edna Webb, Reporter


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