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The Gazette
February 15, 1939

Mr. E. B. Harrel of West Monroe, formerly of Farmerville, was here Monday greeting old friends.

Mrs. Lula Buce of West Monroe visited her sister, Mrs. George D. Sanders, herer Sunday.

Mr. W. J. Harvey of Truxno was a business visitor to Farmerville Monday morning.

Mrs. J. A. Berry, Ellis and Lela Futch of Pampa, Texas, and J. N. Futch of Rodessa arrived Saturday to attend at the bedside of their mother, Mrs. D. L. Futch, who is reported to be seriously ill at her home near Cherry Ridge. Another daughter, Mrs. A. F. McCormick of Austin, Texas, is expected to arrive soon. Mrs. Elva Futch Williams of Farmerville also visited her mother.

Mrs. C. H. Lewis has returned from a visit with friends at Natchez, Miss. Her daughter, Miss Mary and Dr. John Brushner of Natchez accompanied her here for the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Goyne and Mrs. Z. T. Goyne of Ruston were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stancil Sunday.


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Messrs. Tatum Manning of Camp Creek and T. J. Bennett of Spearsville were prominent visitors to Farmerville Monday.

Mrs. Pete Lamkin of Monroe visited Mrs. Sue L. Barnes Sunday.

Mrs. A. L. Phillips, Miss Faye Henderson, Miss Eleanor Corry, Miss Margaret Coenen and Miss Mary Louise Smith of Rayville were guests of Mrs. S. L. Smith Sunday.

Mr. H. G. Fields and son, Harvery, Jr. and Mr. James Pickel left Sunday for Washington and New York on business.

Mrs. Tom Sullivan and Mrs. Tom Hayes of Monroe and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Barnes of Mer Rouge spent part of the past week here with their mother, Mrs. Sue L. Barnes, who is very ill at her home.

Mr. Joe Goyne of Monroe was the guest of Mrs. Sue Barnes here Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Everett of Shreveport were guests of his parents her for the past week end.

Mr. T. D. Pickens of Monroe was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Booth Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Armand Rabun spent the week end in Shreveport.

Mrs. A. C. Dykes and Miss Faye Baughman were guests of Mrs. C. C. Colvin at Bernice last Friday.

Mrs. Arthur Tucker was called to Dodson last week to the bedside of her father, who is ill.

Mrs. Hannah Underwood Rogers of El Paso, Texas, who is spending the winter with her daughter in Monroe, was the week-end guest of her sister-in-law, Mrs. J. M. Underwood.

Miss Olivia Barr, Miss June Stancil, Mr. Glendon Toler, and Mr. W. W. Porter spent the past week end at Cleveland, Texas, as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stancil, Jr. They attended the International Flower Show at Houston Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Breathwit and Mrs. A. C. Dykes attended the funeral of Mrs. W. E. Baker at Kingsland, Ark. Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Green spent Friday in Shreveport with Mrs. Green’s father, Mr. O. A. Pepper, who is a patient in a hospital.

Rev. M. A. Treadwell attended a convention in Alexandria last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Kemp attended the funeral of Mrs. Kemp’s brother-in-law, Mr. Fuller, at Minden Friday.

Mr. Claude Tarver and Mr. Sam Broussard spent the week end at Sicily Island.

Miss Carrie Sue Talbert of Rayville spent the week end here with her sister, Mrs. John F. Boughton.

Mr. Johnnie McIntyre spent the week end at his home in Minden.

Mrs. J. B. Parrott spent the week end in Monroe with her sister, Mrs. Fry.

Miss Dean Beaird of Homer spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Beaird.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Taylor and little daughter of Monroe spent Sunday here with his mother, Mrs. Cella Taylor.

Mrs. J. D. Baughman and Miss Faye Baughman spent Sunday in Rayville with relatives.

Messrs. A. C. Morris and Breaden of Ruston were business visitors here Friday.

Mr.s and Mrs. Guy Holloway were visitors to Monroe Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crawford of West Monroe were guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Edwars Sunday.

Mrs. John M. Edwards and little daughter, Sue, are spending the week at Monroe with Mrs. Hernie Moak.

Mrs. Corine Dozier and children and Miss Ines Gunter of Delhi, spent Sunday here with their sister, Mrs. Stein Baughman.

Miss Grace E. Mizelle spent the week end at her home at Forest Hill with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Edwards and little daughter, Sue, spent Sunday in Monroe with Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller were called to Hico last Friday on account of the death of Mrs. Miller’s aunt, Mrs. Frank Fowler.

Mrs. Wilber Smith and son returned to their home in El Dorado last Wednesday, after a visit here with Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Smith. They were accompanied to El Dorado for the day by Mrs. M. R. Tugwell, Mrs. W. C. Smith and Mrs. F. H. Yelton.

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