4H Club News

The Gazette
February 15, 1939

Bernice Grammar 4-H Club

The Bernice Grammar 4-H Club met February 7, 1939. The house was called to order by the president, the roll was called, and the minutes were read and adopted.

Mr. Kennedy gave us our 4-H Club year books. He explained the contents of the book to us.

We had a demonstration on “Bedding of Potatoes” by Helen Lindsey and Vernie Welch.

Mr. LaCroix, a visitor, taught us how we might improve our demonstrations.

Then we had a motion to adjourn.

Mary D. Kelley, Rep

Linville 4-H Club News

The Linville 4-H Club met on Monday, February 6. The house was called to order by the president, who asked the secretary to read the minutes of the last meeting. Each member answered by telling his hobby. Next a demonstration was given by Burton Russell and Thomas Pilgreen on “Bedding Sweet Potatoes”. After the demonstration Mr. Kennedy took charge of the meeting and gave out and discussed the 4-H Club Year Book. He also gave out our record books for and discussed and Wildlife project. Mr. Davis gave a short talk on Wildlife and its protection.

There being no further business the president received a motion to adjourn until our next regular meeting.

Walter Wilson, Rep.

Rocky Branch 4-H Club

Wednesday, February 8

Mr. Kennedy and Miss Nelson met with the Rocky Branch 4-H Club. Some members were dropped. We are sorry but the other members are doing their best to hold the club up and make it the best in the parish.

R. B. and Woodie B. Pace gave a demonstration on how to bed sweet potatoes.

Afterward, Mr. Kennedy gave to each member a year book of Union Parish 4-H clubs. This is the first year to have these books. Out club thought they were very nice and enjoyed them.

Miss Nelson then taught some new songs to the club. Then we adjourned to meet again in March.

Downsville High School 4-H Club

The High School 4-H Club met Thursday, Feb. 9. The house was called to order by the vice-president the president being absent. The minutes were read and the roll called by the secretary, each member answering by telling his or her hobby.

Two grammar school girls came in and gave us an interesting demonstration on table setting which was prepared by them with the help of Mrs. A. C. Haile, 4-H Club local leader.

Mr. Kennedy and Miss Nelson gave each club member a 4-H Club yearbook for 1938-39. These books contain interesting and useful information concerning different projects, club motto, club pledge, parish officers, presidents of the different 4-H clubs and several pretty songs.

After talking about demonstrations for a length of time our club adjourned until the next meeting which is the second Thursday of March.

Janice Roberts, Reporter

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