Resolutions of Respect of Brother G. Alex Albritton

The Gazette
February 15, 1939

Brother Albritton was born March 5, 1874, and died December 15, 1938; age 64 years nine months and ten days.

He first united with Beulah Baptist church and moved his membership to Conway, and on November 20, 1897, moved his membership to Salem. And about 1904 he moved his membership to Greenville, and 1919 he was received at Salem by statement. And was ordained a deacon may 31, 1924, serving in this capacity to the entire satisfaction of the church, ever faithful and conscientious in all his dealings as deacon and member of the church and toward his fellowman. He enjoyed the confidence and esteem of the entire brotherhood and all who knew him. Truly, a good man in Israel has fallen.

Brother Albritton will be sadly missed by the church and entire community. But we mourn not as those who have no hope, for his daily life has evidenced this hope, therefore.

We resolve that a copy of this sketch be recorded upon our church record, and a copy be presented to the bereaved family and a copy sent to The Gazette for publication.

Done by order of Salem church in conference, January 1, 1939.

Leamon Turnage, F. P. Feazel, Clyde Kennedy, M. O. Love, Committee


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