Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
February 22, 1905

FREE TUITION TO ALL in Harris Bus. College, Jackson, Miss.

Mr. C. T. Simmons of Marion was in Farmerville Tuesday,

We have just received a car load of wagons and buggies and will sell them cheap. J. D. BAUGAMAN.

We regret to learn that Mr. B. F. Pleasant is critically ill with pneumonia at his brothers residence in Bernice.

District court met in regular session Monday but there will be very little business as the docket is light for this term.

A full line of new school books have been received at THE GAZETTE OFFICE.

Mr. R. J. Risinger, a prominent citizen of Lockhart, La. was in Farmerville Tuesday.

Messrs. C. B. Roberts and J. E. Clayton of Ruston are in Farmerville attending court this week.

Just received a car load of the celebrated Weber wagons, and a car of surreys and buggies, call on me before purchasing. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. W. D. Munholland has been away for several days on legal business. He returned Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Trimble went to Ruston last Thursday on a visit to Mrs. Timble’s mother, Mrs. Hardy. They returned Sunday.

We just received a car load of Fertilizer, Acid Phosphate and Cotton Bol. Get our prices before buying. J. D. BAUGAMAN.

The new baptist parsonage has been completed and Rev. J. W. Elliot moved his family there last week.

Mr. Sidney Wallace, one of the friends of The Gazette, was on the sick list last week.

For sale cheap for cash or for approved paper, 1 good iron safe. J. G. TRIMBLE.

Mr. Clifton Matthews’ new house out on the Smith Addition has been completed and his mother and family moved over from Bernice last Saturday to occupy it.

Large assortment of the best fountain pens for sale at THE GAZETTE OFFICE.

Messrs. D. E. Laupheimer, P. W. Mayo and F. E. Mayo left for Monroe Monday.

Despite the very bad weather there were quite a number of farmers in town Thursday to organize for the reduction of the cotton acreage this year. We learn that there was about forty present at the meeting.

Mr. J. K. Atkinson accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. J. B. Covington left Monday for Monroe to attend the marriage of Mr. W. J. Atkinson to Miss Caroline Spindle, which event took place on Tuesday evening.

Furniture Store.

Don’t you want some furniture, a working stove or a heater? I have received a car load of furniture consisting of bed-room suits, tables, chairs, dressers, rockers, safes, wardrobes, beds, mattresses, bed springs, etc. When you want furniture, price may goods and I will suit you. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. A. J. Bell formerly editor of the Ruston Leader is in Farmerville this week. Mr. Bell has got a stock company to buy The Gazette and he is here making arrangements to accommodate and to move his family.


I have now located in Farmerville and opened up a sewing machine repair shop. Will rebuild any make of machine and guarantee to give perfect satisfaction.

We learn through Postmaster Gilbert that the mails to Farmerville will come in on the train after March 13, 1905. This will be a great improvement over the present system and the citizens of Farmerville will herald this change with joy.

To All Whom It May Concern

Notice is hereby given that all accounts owed to J. W. Stancil and Bro. not settled or definitely arranged by March 1st 1905 will be placed in the hands of Price, Roberts, and Elder for collection.


The city of Indianapolis was visited by a million and a half dollar fire last Sunday.

Farmer’s Meeting

Farmervilee, La., Feb. 16th 1905

Pursuant to a call of the Southern Cotton’s Growers’s Convention.

We the Farmers of Union Parish La. met at the Court House at Farmerville on above date and organized ourselves. By Electing W. P. Chandler, Pres., John L. Hicks, Secretary, W. A. Best, Treasurer. After the reading of the plan of the Southern Cotton Growers Association and hearing report of delegates from the wards that were present the reports being so favorable to the reduction of acreage and fertilizer for cotton. That we elect a delegate to represent the Parish at the State Convention at Baton Rouge on Feb. 23rd. John L. Hicks was elected delegate to States Convention. Motioned and second that his expenses be paid out of the pledge fees, carried. The ward delegates turned over $19. to the treasurer. Motion that the chair appoint either ward delegates to push the work of pledging as rapidly as possible until the entire parish were worked up.

At the request of the meeting the proceedings be handed to the Gazette and asked to publish same.

Adjourned subject to call by Chairman W. P. Chandler.

John L. Hicks, Sec.

We have a choice assortment of the latest books which have just arrived. This stock was ordered for the holidays trade but was delayed, therefore we are selling them cheap. If you want something good to read call at THE GAZETTE office and look over our stock.


The venire drawn for February and March is set aside and a new one will be drawn for March and April. January 30, 1905.

EDWARD EVERETT, Clerk of Court.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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