“Booze” Man Gone Wrong

The Gazette
March 29, 1905

Geo. L. Shields, of Winnfield, who represented the R. P. Webb Liquor Co., of Monroe, in the parish of Lincoln, Jackson and Winn, as a traveling salesman for the last four years, was arrested at Winnfield last week, together with G. L. Alexander, of Jackson Parish, on charge of systematically robbing his employers of the sum of $4,000. The alleged plan for Shields to order liquor from the house in Monroe in the name of some fictitious person, and then to give Alexander an order for the goods, the latter after selling some dividing the price with Shields. The firm “stood off’ with the statement that the customer was slow to pay, or had moved off without paying his bill. Webb, who had the greatest confidence in Shields who was paid a big salary, at last became suspicious and visited the section to investigate, but failed to secure sufficient evidence to base a charge, although hearing enough to convince him that things were going wrong. He then employed a Pinkerton man for the price of $1000, who soon furnished the evidence upon which Shields and his accomplice was arrested. Both gave bond and deny the charge while Webb contends that be is out $5000 with the pay of the detective, who will prosecute the offenders vigorously. Shields, who recently married an estimable young lady of Winnfield, was apparently a decent kind of a fellow and very popular up the country and his many friends believe in his innocence.


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