“Had ‘Em Bad”

The Gazette
May 10, 1905

Jaques, the stranger who fell on the streets in a fit last week, but who seemed to recover his faculties later, subsequently developed a full-fledged case of “jimmies”, walking about the streets in the “wee sma” hours, talking nonsense, in which “lions, bears, dogs, ant-eaters” and other quadrupeds figured. Marshal Atkinson found him rambling about the jail just before daylight Thursday morning and locked him up in the calaboose, to turn him loose later under directions of Mayor Mathews, who could find no law to hold him under, so long as he offered no injury or offense in any one. Friday he seemed to grow worse, rambling about talking sully and in the evening was found by the marshal on the banks of the small stream east of the jail partially disrobed, evidently preparing to take a public bath, and through sympathy for the man’s helpless condition, several persons in town had him taken to the poor house where they engaged for his care for the price of one dollar a day. We learn that his condition has greatly improved and it is probable he will be restored to a normal state in a few days. His dementia entirely due to excessive intemperance.


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