Investigation in the Killing of Dick Craighead

The Gazette
May 17, 1905

The Governor Moves

Gov. Blanchard has ordered a vigorous investigation in the matter of the late killing of Dick Craighead in the Homer jail and has offered the following rewards, which will remain in force for the period of one year from date. The sum of $1500 for the identification and conviction of the 20 to 25 men who surrounded and broke into the jail and killed Craighead; $1,000 for evidence to identify and convict any five or more of them, $500 to identify and convict any one of them. While it is said that Craighead before his death identified several of his assailants to the sheriff, and doubtless the grand jury will make a searching investigation; yet none of Craighead’s executioners will ever suffer for their act at the hands of the laws. But nevertheless it will have a good effect to the extent of frightening these offenders and will probably put some of them to considerable expense in clearing themselves of the charge and may in the future deter others from taking such high-handed measures.


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