Rebuilding Bernice School

The Gazette
May 17, 1905

The good people of Bernice held a public meeting last week to rebuild their school building recently destroyed by fire and promptly decided to replace the structure with a brick building to cost between $10,000 and 12,000. And notwithstanding the Herald, in alluding to our recent remark relative to “Spanish architecture,” terms us as an “east wind” and accuses us of perpetrating a “cyclopedia cognomen” (whatever that is) we approve of the pluck of the good people of our sister town and wish them all kinds of success in following the example of the Saracens under the able leadership of Bro. Critchet, of the Herald. Our only reason for saying what we did was the impression that the burden was too great for the community to bear, but if they can stand it why of course we will have to put up with it and withdraw any doubts we may have. We leave the matter and its Saracenic emulation with you, my brother; and await results.


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