The Daniels in Jail

The Gazette
May 17, 1905

Sheriff Taylor returned last Saturday night at a late hour with the Daniel Brothers (Floyd, Joe, Will and Guthrie) in charge, whom he arrested in the northwestern portion of Webster Parish, under an indictment returned by the late grand jury charging them with the killing of James Tayor, who was shot down on the roadside near the residence of R. B. Taylor, on the Loutre, about two years ago this coming summer.

The facts of the killing were atrocious and caused considerable public indignation at the time. Taylor, who was engaged in helping R. B. Taylor build a new house at the time, shot down in the road near the building in the early hours of the morning as he was proceeding to begin his days work. His assassins concealed near by and literally riddled his breast with buckshot, one of the murderers running up and emptying his gun in his body as he lay dying on the ground. Mr. Taylor, with whom the deceased was working and who was coming on behind heard the reports of the guns and saw two or more persons running away from the scene of the murder as he hurried forward to investigate the shooting. An old grudge had obtained between the Daniels and the dead man an this directed suspicion to them at once, but as evidence was lacking at the time the matter was left to rest until the late grand jury obtained sufficient testimony upon which to base the indictment. It will be remembered that one McQueen, of Calhoun, the father-in-law of the deceased who had enmity against him due to family troubles, and who was in this section at the time, was arrested for the killing, but was turned loose on the evidence he was able to produce relative to his whereabouts at the hour. The Daniels left this section about a year ago, and having located them in Webster, Sheriff Taylor left here with the warrants for their arrest last Thursday and with the assistance of Sheriff B. F. Griffith, of Webster, was enabled to make the arrests without any trouble, and he is loud in his praise of the kindness and valuable assistance rendered him by the Webster official, Sheriff Griffith accompanying him to make the arrests and contributing everything in his power to facilitate his business.



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