“Hit The Grit”

The Gazette
May 24, 1905

W. F. McQueen, of Calhoun, who together with the Daniels (now in jail) was indicted by the late grand jury for complicity in the killing of Jim Taylor, by a little trickery fooled Deputy Browning, of Ouachita (who was sent to arrest him) and as a consequence is in parts unknown, out on “leg bail”. When the Ouachita Deputy approached him with the warrant, he cheerfully acquiesced to the situation but asked as a favor to be allowed to enter his house to shave and change his garb. He seemed so complacent that he completely deceived the officer, who consented to the arrangement and seating himself in view waited while the prisoner went about his toilet. But growing impatient of the delay he at length entered the room to hasten operations, and was surprised to find a strange man, (whom he had been operations all the while as McQueen) standing before the glass pretending to be shaving himself, the bird having flown and was then far away in his flight. McQueen, who was Taylor’s father in law, had sworn vengeance against him as the result of family trouble and being in this country at the time of his assassination, certain suspicious circumstances pointed to his connection with the crime. But there not being sufficient evidence to warrant an indictment it was left to the late grand jury to work up a case against him and as a result the present true bill followed although he has been able to avoid its consequences for the time being.



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