Lost An Arm

The Gazette
June 14, 1905

The facts of the case go to show that Guy Tucker, who was shot from ambush last week, was not so badly wounded as first reported. Both wounds taking effect in the elbow of his right arm shattering the bone so badly that the physicians found it necessary to amputate the limb, and from last accounts Tucker was doing well and likely to recover. It seems that on the evening of his attempted assassination, he was on his way home from El Dorado with his 11 year old boy riding behind him, and when about 10 miles out he met ex-Sheriff Norris, and while talking to him in the road a shot was fired from ambush nearby striking Tucker in the elbow, shattering about three inches of the bone, and anticipating another shot, he turned in the saddle in such a way as to bring the boy between him and the point where the assassin was concealed , who fired again striking Tucker in the same arm in the region of the first wound, inflicting very slight injury, the position of the boy shielding his father, the assassin loath to injure the child. The identity of the assassin remains unknown but it is said that Dr. Hilton of El Dorado, professes to have seen two men (whose names are withheld) armed with rifles and near the scene of the shooting a short while previous to Tucker’s appearance and again in is alleged that Tucker had a row with two strangers in his saloon at Champagnolle, a few days before and that they were heard to threaten him, been near the point where Tucker was shot a few hours previous to the shooting.


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