Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
December 18, 2008

It’s beginning to look like Christmas in Spearsville. Trees are going up; gifts are being wrapped; the smell of baking is in the air; cards sent and displayed and no two alike, and the excitement of children as they anticipate a visit from old St. Nick. I hope the Christmas season; not only for the things just mentioned, but the reminder that our Lord and Savior came to save people just like me.

Spearsville Baptist Church Choir, led by Jennifer Lenard, presented the Christmas Story in music on Sunday morning. The cantata was a good mixture of our old favorite carols and the new, more contemporary music. Specials were sung by Jennifer Lenard and Chris Canterberry, and another by Jolie Harrison and Stacy Pepper. The narration was by Mark & Jennifer Adkins. It was just beautiful; very well done and touched our hearts.

At the conclusion of the cantata eighteen children came down to the front and Remona Barron, a choir member, presented each of them a gift from the church – a beautiful stocking filled with goodies.

Melanie and Charlie Brooks visited with Clyde & Lynette Barron and then came to church on Sunday. They were making their last visit before heading back to Kazakhstan on January 7, 2009. She will resume her mission of teaching and he will be teaching for the first time. Please remember them in your prayers as they go to that very cold and faraway land to serve God, teaching the English speaking children in that area.

Just before the musical, Bro. James baptized Wayne Baines. An entire row of visitors, family & friends, were present to show their love and encouragement to Wayne. We are so happy to welcome him into our church family.

The Ruth Sunday School Class held it’s annual Christmas party on Friday night. There were twenty-four in attendance that were welcomed by our president, Oda Rockett. This was followed by the response by J. T. Saunders who noted that this annual event was started in 1961. Many changes have taken place over the years; we’re no longer eager to drive to Ruston or El Dorado (after dark) nor do we have to worry about baby sitters for our children. Many of the founders have already gone on to be with the Lord and this was a sad remembrance for J. T and for us; however, several young couples are already celebrating with us and I feel sure the tradition will continue for many years. The traditional dinner, catered by Mary Grant (Cookie) was delicious and beautifully served.

Following the meal we were entertained by Alisha Breland Turner and Bro. James gave a very good devotional. The invocation prior to the meal was given by Mary Gene Rhodes and the benediction by Johnny Heard. Our hat is off to Oda for doing such a good job organizing all of this.

Our condolences go out to the Black family as they mourn the loss of Barbara Sue. It is always hard but it is especially hard right here at Christmas. She was special to so many of us in her community as well as in the Junction City School and Spearsville School and she will be missed so very much.

Lexie Rhodes, daughter Robin and Johnny Rhodes, had a big day Saturday. She started off by doing a good job as flower girl in the wedding ceremony of Connie Stringer and Bryan Herring at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church; however, she wasn’t too crazy about all those pictures being taken. Later that night she came alive again when Big Joe’s Polka program came on. She conked out in Bonnie’s lap, about two minutes after it went off. John might be a smidgen biased but he said she was so cute all dressed up in her beautiful wedding dress (and I just bet she was).

If you happened to glance up in the sky toward “cloud nine” Saturday you probably saw purple and gold. Upon a closer look you could the words Junction City Dragons. They are flying high because in the last two seconds of the game a field goal was kicked and they won the Ark. St. Championship. What a great way to end a football season. I wish I knew the name of that guy that kicked that ball. I’m sure you can ask anybody from Junction City and they can tell you. Congratulations to him, the rest of the team and all those fans who sit on hard bleachers and endure all kinds of weather to support their team.

Let me take this opportunity to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and express my thanks for all your help, as well as encouragement, kind words and interest in the “Spearsville Happenings” over the past six months. It has truly been a blessing to me and a real learning experience.


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