Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
December 29, 2009

For the past week or so the weather has been so cold that our world has gotten much smaller; limited to our family, church, doctor’s office, and pharmacy. This tends to happen every January and February; therefore, I will need to relay on many of you to help me with news from this area. Please call if you know things that are happening.

A few days ago, Becky Sims went out to tend to her chickens and had to break the ice on the watering dishes. When she went back out, a little while later, the ice had frozen over again. After this they may be ready to move back to FL. Couldn’t blame them, sometimes I wish I could live in FL.

It was good to see Efton Rockett come to church after being sick and shut-in for so long. Patsy Saunders was also back after a bout with pneumonia and a bad sinus infection. Vergil Rhodes is out of the hospital and was back for church only. He usually greets everyone as they enter the church each Sunday morning, and he was just not up to all that standing. Clyde Barron took his place and probably will until Vergil gets back up to par. Johnny Heard was feeling a little better but still had a ways to go; did make it to Sunday School and church, though.

Over the past two years many improvements have been made in the Village of Spearsville and hopefully this will continue as we seek God’s guidance. Betty Barron has agreed to fill the vacancy as alderman on the town council. She is highly qualified for this position, in every way, and I thank her for so graciously accepting this responsibility.

It’s always good to have new people with new ideas, especially someone of this caliber, working for the betterment of our little Village.

Jan and Ski Wawrzyniak visited with Floy & Billy Rea last Monday. They were taking advantage of the MLK holiday from work. It’s always good to have the kids home, especially during the week; bringing lunch and no dishes to do was an added bonus.

On Friday Bonnie Rhodes & Donna Harris were going to Monroe (Sam’s) so Floy & I tagged along since we had had cabin fever for a time. Of course, those gift cards needed to be used and we never pass up an opportunity to eat out. After much discussion, we agreed that you can’t go wrong at the Olive Garden where the food is delicious and there is lots of it. Good choice!

Roy Holloway has not been well for some time with only a few good days scattered in: however, he had four good days in a row and was able to get back to his handwork. He does beautiful cross stitching. Over the years he has made tablecloths, comforter & shams, pillowcases, quilts and so much more. These are treasured possessions of his children & grandchildren. Not only does he do this beautiful work, but has also crocheted an afghan for each member of his family. That’s awesome! While he is doing this, Dale has been piecing a quilt for her granddaughter, Whitney, who is to be married in March. Whitney is also getting her degree from La Tech in speech pathology, and plans to go right on into graduate school. Our very best wishes to out to her and this new chapter in her life.

David Haynes, Dale’s son, has recently had laser surgery on his heart. She said even though they treated 83 spots on this heart, it will need a re-do as soon as this heals as some of it didn’t do the trick. David is recovering at home, but is anxious to go back and get it done again so that he can get back to his normal life. A person with lots of energy has trouble leading a quiet life. We wish him the best.


Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. — Lyndon B. Johnson.


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