Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
February 12, 2009

We started off our week with a visit at the Senior Center with Lee Barron, the son of Clyde & Lynette, from Ft. Pierce, FL. The way I heard it, he had to come to Tallahassee so he just thought since he had come that far he might as well come on to Spearsville. I like that kind of thinking. Lee is so special to us: he always makes a place for us in his limited time at home. Lee greeted each of us with a hello and a hug, and then ‘took me to the woodshed’ for missing a week of writing the news. His reprimand included, “Don’t let it happen again” or something to that effect. I promise to do better; however, you folks have to help me for I sometimes suffer from the “C-Nile Virus.” (If you’re over 65 you might be able to identify with this.) and sometimes, not much is happening that I know about.

Tim Barron, son of Ned & Mary Barron, took advantage of some work he had to do in Monroe at Century Tel and came by for a weekend visit. Since he lives in Plano, TX, they aren’t able to see him as much as they would like and look forward to times like this.

Becky & Jim Sims were surprised with a visit from old friends from Pensacola, Toni & Jackie. (I don’t remember their last names, C-Nile Virus?) They said it was cold and miserable in FL. so they thought they might as well be cold and miserable in Spearsville with their friends. Toni said she is still looking forward to moving to Spearsville but they haven’t been able to sell their house yet; we all know about the housing market so prospects don’t look good for the new future.

Louise Denton, the Director for the Union Council on Aging, dropped by for a visit at the dining site this past week. We always look forward to seeing her for she makes each of us feel so special. Louise’s sunny personality can certainly brighten our day. She was excited to see that our number of participants has remained high even during the cold, had days and gave much credit to our meal site manager, Syble Thomas. We also would like to express appreciation for Syble and the many times she goes beyond the call of duty to make our day better. Thanks, Syble, for just being you and loving us.

Shirley Miller had a good report when she went for her treatment this week. Her lungs have improved so much that she has been put on maintenance status. Her next visit won’t be until may. Bro. James thanked everyone for the many petitions that have been offered on her behalf. God heard and answered our prayers. We give Him all the praise and glory for giving the doctors the knowledge to make this treatment successful.

Helen Armstrong, one of our friends at the dining site, has been sick and unable to come for the past several days. Hurry and get well; we miss you. Mr. Rachie Tatum had to be taken from the dining site to the doctor last week and was out a few days. I am happy to report he has been back for several days and says he is doing fine. He is past ninety, brings himself each day, and he lives way up on the AR line. There’s no excuse that would stack up to this for the rest of us. Way to go, Mr. Tatum!

I would like to extend my condolences to the Margie Upshaw Wade family. She will be remembered for her keen sense of humor and quick wit. Margie could take an ordinary happening and turn it into a story that would have everyone laughing. No doubt she is entertaining friends and relatives in heaven with some humorous happening. What a legacy for her family-sweet memories for her friends as well.

Betty & Bruce Barron went to Shreveport this past week-end for a doctor’s appointment and a visit with their daughter Kelli, her husband, Jeremy, and grandson, Jacob. We want him to visit with family but sure so miss those daily e-mails. That’s when we sit down with a cup of coffee, catch up on pertinent information, see beautiful pictures, meditate on something inspirational, read a recipe and laugh out loud at the many jokes. Sure starts the day off right. Thanks, Bruce. I’m glad I’m on your list of e-mail pals.

Bro James gave me this thought for the day:

Rules without a relationship lead to rebellion. He went on to add that when we focus on following God’s rules, the ten commandments, we are trying to seek and follow His will for our lives. Therefore, we have no desire to rebel and our life becomes less self-centered and more Christ-like in service to others. We can only accomplish this with a daily walk with Him-Day -by day -by day. This is how a relationship is formed; one day at a time.


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