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The Gazette
August 23, 1905

H. A. Johnston, the barber, was quite sick with fever the first of the week.

Miss Emma Mosely, of Conway, visited her sister, Mrs. Dr. Love, last week.

I have received a car of Juanita Flour, which I offer at $6.50 per barrel. J. D. Baughman

Mr. K. A. Pleasant is now getting his ice from El Dorado, which is superior to the Huttig product.

Through some error in the bill of lumber, work has been delayed on Dr. Jameson’s new home.

The teachers were here last Saturday to meet Supt. Hodnett and receive their monthly stipend.

We are pleased to note the presence of Deputy Underwood in sheriff’s office after a long siege of facial neuralgia.

Messrs. H. W. Ragan and A. T. Hall, after a week’s outing at this place, have returned home to Ruston.

The carpenters will finish the wood work on Sheriff Taylor’s new residence this week, leaving it in the hands of the painters.

Mr. Oscar Baughman is up and at his office this week, after several days illness, superinduced by a wetting incurred while fishing in a tricky boat last week.

Mr. Karl Pleasant left for Monroe yesterday morning on a business mission, his purpose to open up a fresh stock of groceries about the first.

Quarantine may prevent you form betting a good barrel of flour. Lay in your supply of Juanita Flour at $6.50 per barrel. J. D. Baughman.

Cotton is beginning to open fast in this parish and soon the fields will be white with the staple, the yield much better here than in other places, averaging at least 40 per cent of last years output.

While we have heard no complaints from our farmers in this respect, we note that the boll worm is doing much damage to the cotton crop in adjoining parishes.

The editor is under going a siege of fever this week and this issue has been constructed under difficulties, which have been added to by a dearth of news.

The Mattie doubtless has made her last trip for this season, as the water in the bayou was scant six feet and falling on her trip up yesterday and she requires fully 4 feet clear for successful navigation.

We learn that Capt. B. F. Pleasant and family contemplate removing to Shreveport in the near future, to join his son, Col. R. G. Pleasant, of that city, where they will make their future home, Capt. Pleasant to engage in some congenial business with his son, who is expected here on a visit.


Two notes, each for the sum of fifty dollars, and dated Feb. 27, 1903, bearing 8 per cent, interest from maturity. One made payable Dec.1, 1903 and one Dec. 1, 1904, drawn to the order of J. L. Hopkins and given for the purchase price of the following described land: Seqr of a w qr sec 12 tp 22 r 2 east. Notes are signed by J. A. Toler.

The undersigned is ow the legal owner of said notes, and the public is warned not to purchase or trade for same.

O. H. Thompson.


Hon. F. F. Preaus and wife visited Shiloh last week.

Miss Olive Baughman is visiting relatives at D’Arbonne.

Quite a merry party spent the day on the Loutre last Friday.

Mrs. J. P. Fenton of Ruston, is the quest of Mrs. J. D. Baughman.

Capt. L. Brunner arrived Sunday and is the guest of his sister, Mrs. Ellen Levi.

Mr. Frank C. Everett went to Bernice Sunday to spend a few days with his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Pierce and little son expect to leave this week for a trip through Texas.

Last Monday evening the dancing crowd was pleasantly entertained by Mr. D. E. Laupheimer.

Mr. McNary Hardy and sister, Miss Kate, of Ruston, are the quests of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Trimble.

Mrs. G. D. Sanders was called to Monroe last Wednesday on account of the illness of her son, C. B. Sanders.

Mrs. Kilgore and daughter, Burt, of Cherry Ridge vicinity, spent the night in Farmerville enroute to Marion. They were the guests of Mrs. J. W. Taylor.

The young people were delightfully entertained by Miss, Freda Hartman on Thursday evening. Dancing was indulged in until a late hour. The out of town guests were Misses Burt Kilgore and Gertrude Barthelow, Messrs Jewell Webb and Jord Lee.

An interesting game of ball was played Saturday afternoon, when the Farmerville and ‘Long Linen’ nines crossed bats on the Farmerville diamond. The score was 17 to 12 in favor of Farmerville.


State of Louisiana.
Parish of Union.

I hereby certify the following to be a true and correct list of the Grand Jurors selected by the Jury Commissioners to serve for the next six months, and until discharged, beginning Monday, September 18th, 1905, at ten o’clock a.m., viz:

1A. L. PaceWard 1
2E. G. Carroll1
3Mathew A. Scarborough2
4A. L. Smith2
5L. A. Shaw3
6J. A. Peek3
7S. A. Graves4
8W. B. Wheelis4
9John A. Dean5
10S. B. Smith5
11J. R. Kilgore6
12J. M. Tucker6
13 John H. Nelson7
14H. B. Elkins7
15R. J. Tabor8
16W. F. Grafton8
17Hale Feazel9
18 J. L. Bouleware9
19H. D. Pardue10
20I. R. Calk10

I further certify the following to be a true and correct list of the Petit Jurors drawn to serve at the October term of Court, beginning on the 25th day of said month at ten o’clock a.m., viz;

1G. L. GossWard 7
2Lee Hill4
3R. D. Pace2
4 Ed Reeves4
5Willis Hayes1
6John E. Davis8
7T. L. Barrett8
8R. K. Mimms10
9Carlos Calk10
10John Bryan10
11Joe Johnson8
12M. M. Compton1
13John Laskford3
14W. B. Spencer3
15J. C. Elliott8
16Wheeler McDougal1
17Wilburn Miles10
18Ed Tucker4
19J. R. Cook8
20G. A. Burnside5
21J. C. Digby8
22J. F. Jordan3
23Jesse Nettles4
24 T. H. Glass9
25A. D. Crow3
26 J. W. Bridges10
27 T. L. Roberson4
28 Wesley Staples4
29Bartow Tucker10
30L. W. Langston4

Witness my hand and seal of office this August 22nd, 1905. EDW. EVERETT C.D.C.

Some hungry coon broke into Geo. Webb’s colored eating, house or “Shack”, as he calls it, one night last week, and last Sunday morning he discovered a ragged negro prowling on his front gallery about 3 o’clock, firing five ineffectual shots at him as he ran off, the fusillade arousing many of the residents of the east side.

The Yellow Fever Situates.

Our latest report from New Orleans, embracing last Sunday, indicates a decided improvement over the preceding improvement over the preceding week, 58 new cases reported for the day with 4 deaths, against 105 new cases for the previous Sabbath. Total cases to date 1340, total deaths 102.

Notwithstanding the infection has spread to points outside the city, the authorities feel they now have to situation in hand and will at least be able to confine it to its original limitations until frost puts a limit to its course. The low death rate an indication that the outbreak will not assume epidemic proportions. Lafourche Parish, with 100 cases, shows the worst condition outside of the city, but the lever here will be isolated and stamped out, as was the case in North Louisiana at points where infection was carried by refugees from the city in the early days of fever.

Modified quarantine regulations at various points, at home and abroad, indicate a return of public confidence, and with daily proof that the public interests are being zealously guarded and cared for, it is to be hoped that normal conditions will practically be restored, as the terror of the disease fades from the public mind, which awful at once result with a true conception of the situation and the efficiency of the methods with which it is being combated.

By the Light of the Moon

A. H. Smith, who engineered the late barbecue at Marion, has decamped with the funds on hand, leaving a number of debts incurred for the barbecue unpaid, besides other debts contractile in the course of the small business he conducted at Marion. He is said to have grafted about $500 belonging to the barbecue fund, and while some of his victims are inclined to hold the community responsible for the amounts due them, it is clear that Smith managed the scheme on his own responsibility and robbed his friends and neighbors in common with others. His whereabouts is said to be known, and he may induced to return accompanied by an officer. The Gazette appropriate $20 in the way of advertising to Smith’s summer outing.

We regret to note the serious illness of Capt. Wilson, who was taken sick on the down trip of the Mattie this week, his condition such that he was brought home Monday evening from Monroe on the gasoline launch, Dixie Land the Mattie following yesterday morning. His condition is somewhat improved this morning.

Sheriff Taylor, Ernest Ramsey and others, accompanied by Capt. L. Bunner and Jewell Webb, of Monroe spent Monday fishing on King’s Lake and report a splendid time, having caught an abundance of fish of the fresh kind. The lake is under ?????.


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