Shiloh Cemetery

The Gazette
September 13, 1905

The picket fence around the graveyard at Shiloh has decayed and fallen down, and leaves the sacred dead of this old cemetery exposed to be trampled upon by loose stock. Now, the few that are left of this once prosperous and densely populated community, feel themselves unable, without help, to build a substantial iron fence, such a one as will protect our and your beloved dead from desecration and obliteration for a long series of years. We petition those who have loved ones buried here to lend a helping hand in building this fence.

A committee appointed by the church to get up sufficient funds for this labor of love, has estimated that it will cost about $500 to build a neat, substantial fence. No money will be expended from subscriptions until a sufficient amount has been raised to complete the work. All moneys subscribed to be left in the hands of parties to whom it is paid, until it is know that enough has been paid in to complete the work. The committee will ask Bros. J. J. Booles and R. F. Brooks of Ruston, Edw. Everett and T. J. Breed of Farmerville, and R. T. Moore and N. O. Covington of Bernice, or any other friend who feels an interest in this sacred cause to receive contributions for same and report to R. J. Tabor, chairman of the church committee, at Shiloh, La. Other members of the committee, J. D. Hamilton, W. H. Smith, Dr. G. P. Smith, W. M. Cranford and P. S. Weldon are authorized to solicit and receipt for this fund.

The Baptist Chronicle, The Gazette, Ruston Leader, Progressive Age and Bernice Herald are respectfully requested to publish this in their papers.

Signed for the committee,
R. J. Tabor, Chm.


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