Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
April 09, 2009

We have some new folks in town and they are so excited about their new house and their new home in Spearsville. Denise and Tim Clement, from New Jersey, bought the Dudley House (built in 1910, it’s right behind the town hall); they found it on the internet and knew instantly that this was the house for their retirement years. Denise is Southern Baptist. They have already been to prayer meeting. Tim asked how to become a member of the volunteer fire deportment and went up and checked things out. We are excited that they took a look at us and liked what they saw; not only liked what they saw, but wanted to become an active part of this community. Go by and meet them; they like company and would love to get to know you. Welcome to Spearsville, Denise & Tim!!!

H. P. & Helen Armstrong, our dining site pals, have a new job three days a week; they are transporting patients, from Spearsville and Bernice area, for their dialysis treatments. Since the treatments are only in the early morning, they are able to continue coming to eat their meals with us. Helen & H. P. are such active people; this is a great opportunity for them to continue to be of service to others and to themselves.

The kids had their Easter Egg Hunt Sunday afternoon after church. While the men were hiding the eggs the women were feeding the kids hot dogs, corn dogs, chips and cookies. Donna Rockett, also played games with them such as “Mama, May I” and other oldies. About fifteen kids then hit the park with one thing in mind-find as many eggs as they could and look especially for the prize eggs which contained money. I didn’t quite catch all the names of the prize winners but they had an especially good time as did all the others, as well. Since there were over one hundred-fifty eggs, everyone had a basket full. What a joy it is to see children have such fun and to see the adults have a good time providing this entertainment.

We had good attendance at church, Sunday. Carolyn Ivey was back from vacation out west, and was back in full swing at the piano. She not only played beautifully, but sang a special that touched our hearts. She is so talented and such an asset to our church. Thank you, Carolyn. Jolie Pepper Harrison has had her tonsils removed and has had a kinda rough go of it. She was finally able to eat a few mashed potatoes, Sunday. We look forward to her being back in the choir. Susan Rhodes Spears & her husband Michael were visiting with her parents, Mary Gene & Vergil. They brought a couple of those Cracker Barrel rockers for their front porch. After church they went to Holllis’ for lunch. Spearsville is so fortunate to have such a good place to eat and meet old friends.

While I was at Hollis’, I ran into Imogene and J. D. Bennett. It’s so good to see people that we don’t get a chance to see often. J. D. has been sick for a long time but he looked good and seemed to recognize me when I told him who I was. Every time I go to the senior center for lunch I am reminded of how hard J. D. and Helen Sims worked to make that possible-phone calls and visits to Baton Rough by the boocoodle and on their own dime; never expecting anything in return but a service to the community. Thanks, J. D.

If you have driven by the Little Yellow House you may have noticed that the piles of debris have been burned. Johnny Rhodes took a day of vacation to help his dad, John, and they spent the entire day working to get it ready for Bud Farrar. (He will be clearing the stumps as soon as it dries out enough). The old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” I think it was because The Rhodes men were not in charge of that project. When you see them, express your thanks.

Some time when you are at your computer check out the blog of Clay Curtis. He has felt the call to move to NJ in his ministry for God. http://www.sovereign-grace.us/ He is such a good writer and one of the native sons. The son of Sheila & Richard Curtis. They are proud of him, and justly so, for he is doing great work in that area. May God continue to bless him and his family.

Thought for the Day:

A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein


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