Marion News

The Gazette
October 25, 1905

Editor Gazette:

I see you want correspondents from Marion and other places in the parish. Why did you not say, “Come again, Uncle Jasper,” as there is no one here but myself that will write up the town.

Well, it has been only a short time since I wrote you, since which time we have had two stores and one blacksmith shop burned, which was one whole block of our city. This came very near burning my store. It took all the help we could get to save me. I feel thankful to the neighbors for their help in time of need. This burn damaged me some, both my store and my goods. As you all know, I have the best storehouse in town, and generally keeps a good stock on hand. Well, this is the third time I just did escape burning in Marion.

I have been doing business here about 38 years with no other than J. H. Roark.

We had a young couple to marry here last night, Mr. Pool to Miss Jarmon, also a couple gets married tonight, Mrs. R. T. Hopkins to Mr. Tom Davis. Don’t know who will come up for tomorrow night. It makes no difference if cotton goes to 4 cents, they will marry.

We still have no trains except Sunday, and this is no benefit to us. We haul part of our goods from Monroe and ship some up the river, which costs as much as shipping from Monroe. We are shipping our cotton to Monroe by boat, as we almost forget we have a railroad here.

The cotton crop is short here. We certainly ought to have a good price for the small amount we have made, as this was an expensive crop. My honest opinion is that cotton will go still lower. We are the most unfortunate ones this year, as we have more low lands in this state than you may say all the cotton belt. Wet lands have been a failure this year.

Hon. J. E. Ransdell gave us a call this week. He was looking after the free rural mail delivery, and Mr. Ransdell needs no praise from us, as you all know he is the right man in the right place, and could get my vote for any office in the gift of the people.

Mr. L. E. Thomas and his lovely wife have left us alter spending quite a while with his parents here. We all hated to give them up, as we miss them at church and all our meetings. We wish them a long and happy life and that they will call again before waiting so long.

J. H. Roark.


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