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October 25, 1905

FOR SALE. A tact of land, containing 173 acres, 73 acres in cultivation situated near Sardis Church, 6 miles south of Farmerville. Good upland, well improved with fine water and other facilities, and three dwellings situated thereon, A fine orchard, outhouse and other necessary improvements. A very desirable farm home and will be sold cheap for the cash. Come and investigate and you will find it just what you are seeking. Apply to 10 18 2ts. J. C. Bagwll.

Robert D. Webb, of Minden, has been granted a patent for an automatic weighing machine.

Congressman Ransdell was here last week after visiting Marion in the interest of free rural delivery, and informed us that the good people of that town will make an effort to establish six routes out of that town, and as the roads in that section are all in good shape, it is they will meet with success. This is a matter that should meet with the hearty support of every citizen of the parish, and we are glad to see our Marion friends so enthusiastic in their efforts. Free rural delivery means more for Union Parish than any other one enterprise we can foster at present, so let us all unite in our efforts and secure the routes.

Mr. Karl Pleasant visited relatives at Shiloh last Sunday and Monday.

A French scientist says we shall all be living in glass houses soon. Most of us are already.

Mr. O’Bannon bought 80 bales of cotton Monday, which is a fine showing for Farmerville.

A meeting was begun at the Methodist church last Sunday, and will run for several days.

Poets are writing sonnets on the commercializing of Niagara Falls. Something will have to give.

Mrs. Frank Leslie says that women should not marry before they are 28 and many of them don’t.

Mr. Spencer, the townsite man from the new town of Spencer, was in Farmerville one day last last week and gave our office an appreciated call.

We are glad to learn that Mr. Clifton Mathews, who has been quiet sick with slow fever, is improving nicely, and with no backset will soon be able to be out again.

I have 20 head of good farm mules, 4 spans log mules, climated and ready for work. See them before buying elsewhere. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

NOTICE. All persons indebted to me are hereby notified to settle at once and save cost. R. E. Pace, Marion, La.

The salesmen for the Wrought Iron Range Company left last week for Claiborne Parish, the delivery men remaining here to finish delivering the last carload of ranges, which arrived last week.

Business men of Farmerville will make no mistake if they will come to the front and advertise their business in their local paper. The public generally responds liberally to the legitimate advertiser.

The cool snap Friday was the cause of great hunting around on the part of our citizens, may over costs being dragged from their summer hiding places and donned by the shivering owners.

A number of young men indulged in an old time opossum hunt last Friday night, but as we have not received said opossum, we take it for granted that the chase was fruitless.

Monday evening Mr. J. W. Tillery brought Lizzie Garner, a white woman of Junction City, in and lodged her in jail. The Garner woman had cut another woman dangerously with a knife, as a result of a quarrel about the ownership of a chicken.

Bro. Louis Leigh, of the Strong Herald, has been saying some very nice things about the mechanical appearance of the Gazette lately; and such words of praise are doubly appreciated when coming from a man like Mr. Leigh, who is easily ranking among the fined writers in the state of Arkansas.

It is estimated that more than $25,000 has been exceeded in the town of Farmerville in the past year for new residences and businesses. This shows that we are doing pretty well, thank you and if a few more of our citizens who have the means, will build houses to rent, the town will take on new life and go steadily forward. Keep up the good work.

Last week we asked for a correspondent from Marion, D’Arbonne, Bernice, Downsville and other points. Our good friend Mr. J. H. Roark has responded from Marion, and will continue to visit us. Now, if some one from the other points will begin and send us a letter each week, we can make the Gazette more interesting to our readers.

School Items

By the Students

Miah Hartman, Bettie Haas and Kathleen Turnage were tardy last Tuesday.

Several teachers attending the parish examination made the High School an appreciated visit Friday.

Herman Archer was absent during the first part of the week. We are glad to have him back with us.

The ninth grade is reading Caesar under Miss Keysaer’s able tutelage.

All merchants desiring first class bookkeepers can secure them by calling at the Farmerville High School. Don’t all speak at once.

Leo Bird was absent on a visit home the the latter part of the week.

There was no school Friday afternoon on account of teachers examination.

Three McGough children entered school last week. We are glad to welcome them to our seat of learning.

John Mobley was absent the last week, being in Monroe.

Evelyn Donley was missed the past week on account of sickness.

Truman Covington and Roy Aulds entered school Monday.

The attendance has been very regular since school opened.

Mr. Sam Maroney, formerly of this place, but now a resident of Yellow Pine, was robbed at the Serwich Hotel in Shreveport one day last week of $15 in money and a watch worth $35. Morris Goldsmith, a young man stopping at the hotel, confessed to the theft and was locked up.

The quarantine in Arkansas has been raised, and now trade of every kind is expected to open up. Jeff Davis has not made any friends in Louisiana by his hard headed persistence in the tight quarantine, but that’s all right, Jeff; guess you didn’t know any better, and as life is too short to bear malice, we forgive you.

Do not lose interest in the free rural delivery. Keep hammering on the matter and we will get two, and perhaps, four of these routes, and then we will wonder how we were able to do without them. Congressman Ransdell will make another visit here if necessary to assist in the matter, and with four routes out of this town, six out of Marion and two out of Bernice, Union Parish will rapidly improve in more ways than one.

Little Emmet Pierce entertained his young friends in honor of his third birthday last Thursday afternoon. Pleasant games were played and delightful refreshments, consisting of cakes, lemonade and fruit, were served. The little host was the recipient of many presents from his guests. Those present were Misses Pearl and Anna Covington, Alma Carroll, Adeline Haas, Nannie Hartman, Belle Jameson, Gussie Fenton and Louise Evans, Messrs, Edward Everett, Jr. and Will Breed.

In Memoriam

Whereas it has pleased Almighty God in His wisdom and providence to tate from our midst our worthy brother and Worshipful Master, E. J. Haile, who died on the 16th day of September, 1905, therefore, be it.

Resolved, That in the death of Brother Haile Marion Lodge No. 283 has lost one of its most useful, zealous and consistent member, the community an upright and honorable citizen, the family a kind husband and parent.

Be it further resolved, That the sympathies of this Lodge be extended to the bereaved family, and these resolutions be spread upon the minute book, a copy of name be furnished the Gazette for publication, and a copy be furnished the family of deceased.

H. M. Lee

Accept No Substitute There is nothing just as good for Malaria, Chills and Fever as Dr. Mendenhall’s Chill and Fever Cure. Take it as a general tonic and at all times in place of quinine. If it fails to give satisfaction Farmerville Drug Co. will refund.

NOTICE OF PARDON I hereby give notice that I will apply for pardon for my son, Joe Rodgers. J. D. Rodgers.


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