Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
May 07, 2009

Even though I was watching, I thought, every minute, the baby bluebirds flew and I never caught a glimpse of this event. After checking this house and finding an empty nest, I checked the other two houses in my yard and would you believe there was an empty nest in each of those as well. Surveillance doesn’t seem to be one of my talents. Oh Well!!!

Everybody seems to be thinking of gardening these days – between the showers. Even three-year old Lexie Rhodes helped her daddy plant watermelons. She may turn out to be a farmer like her Paw-Paw, John – there is just something about scratching in the dirt in the spring.

A donation of seven-thousand brick was made to the Village of Spearsville by Eleanor Everett Cupp and her husband. Troy, who own Arkansas Stone in West Monroe. It is beautiful brick that is being given in honor of Mary Everett and the late Ferrel Everett.

Troy went to Mississippi and picked up the brick, brought it to Spearsville, and unloaded it at The Little Yellow House. They are to be used in whatever project/projects the citizens feel would enhance the Village of Spearsville. We say a special “Thank You” to the Cupp family for their thoughtfulness.

Maxine and Jack Taylor hosted the 1943 and 1944 for the Spearsville High School class reunions at their home in Taylortown. Jack was well prepared for the weather (rain or shine) for he had built a beautiful pavilion in his yard. There were twenty-six present and they had a wonderful time, renewing friendships, telling stories that only they knew about, and eating all that delicious food. Jack had fried up lots of fish and chicken; the ladies brought the side dishes and all those wonderful desserts. Time was just passing by in such a delightful way when someone looked up and noticed and dark cloud that was hovering around. They all made a mad scramble to gather their things, say some hasty good-byes, and headed for the cars to get home before the storm came. Mary Gene reported that a good time was had by all and they appreciate Jack and Maxine for all that they did to make this event so enjoyable.

The storm did come and there were trees across the road in the Mt. Sterling community for Jolie and Andy Harrison had to turn around and look for another way to get to Spearsville for Church. Somehow they circled around and came through Bernice. We appreciate young people like Jolie & Andy who are such dedicated Christians; they and the other young people make Spearsville Baptist Church a very special place to worship.

In spite of the bad weather there was a good many people in our worship service. Chris Canterberry and Curtis Thomas sang, each a solo part, for the special music. Mary Gene and Vergil Rhodes had a special guest, their daughter, Beth Lawson. After lunch and a nice visit Beth then went up to visit with her son, Steve and his wife, Mary, and of course, the grandsons, Tyler and Layne.

God has been especially good to our family this week; Dale Liner, Sharon Hughes Liner’s husband, got his new liver. He is at Willis-Knighton in Shreveport and is doing well. A call came in on Saturday morning and by four that afternoon he was on the operating table. We not only want to thank God for Dale’s new life but to the family who so unselfishly donated the organs of their eighteen year old son so that others might live. May they take comfort. knowing that Dale is a good person and he is a witness for Jesus Christ wherever he goes-in his personal life and in his professional life.

Thought for the Day

Be who you say you are….say what you feel. Because those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter. — Unknow —


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