Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
May 21, 2009

May is a beautiful time of the year with flowers blooming of all kinds; I especially like the lilies all dressed in a variety of colors. Even the old orange ditch lilies are pretty. With all the rain we’ve had it has been hard to find a time to cut the grass or tend to our flowers. Of course, we all know untold prayers will be said in July & August for even a drop of water. It’s just hard to remember that and be glad that God does take care of us, in His own time, according to His plan, and He always knows what is best for us.

Several members of Mary Gene and Vergil Rhodes’ family were in the hospital last week for serious surgery. Susan’s daughter, Michelle, had thyroid surgery and they are still undecided where to go for the additional treatment. We are praying that she will remain optimistic and make the right decision for the next step in her therapy. Michelle’s son, Michael Jack, had to have surgery o his wrist and they used bone/bone marrow from his knee. He is going great. Susan’s grandson, one-year old Logan, had open heart surgery in New Orleans to close a hole and to make several other repairs to his heart. He has been sedated but he is fighting to wake up, so they will probably let that happen in the next day or so. He is still in very serious condition. Please remember this family in your prayers; they have really been hit hard and all at once.

Yesterday was Youth Sunday; they conducted the entire service morning and evening. Chris Canterberry did the special music as well as brought the morning message. His parents were visiting and they are so proud of their son and we are as well. Shelby Deason was in charge of the sermon for the children. Her message to them was that God is still working on them as well as us; a construction job, you might say. At the end she gave each of them a bright yellow hard hat. That was so clever and something the kids really enjoyed. Joan Smith was able to be back at the organ; that was so good and we pray that this will be a regular thing for she has been sick too long to suit us.

Floy Rea’s daughter and son-in-law, Jan and Ski, came for a visit on Friday afternoon, bringing her Mother’s Day gift, a fountain for her back porch. She will enjoy this as she sits and reads in her swing. On Sunday Floy and I cooked a country meal and Wayne Barrett, our cousin, came down and helped us eat it. Peas, cornbread, potato salad, meat loaf and coconut pie were the main dishes, Wayne’s favorites.

Bonnie Rhodes, Debbie Plummer, Bonnie Alford and Terri Booth had a mini holiday in Hot Springs this weekend. The best I could figure out they did a lot of walking, shopping and eating some very good food. Bonnie Rhodes had never been to Hot Springs before and she especially enjoyed seeing the hot, steaming water bubble up out of the ground. About 10:00 that night they were entertained with fireworks that could be seen from their balcony. No rain and lots of fun were highlights of their trip.

On Thursday, the Senior Citizens of Union Parish had a special fun day and fish fry. Louise Denton was the MC, Joan Atwell provided the music, and all kinds of door prizes were donated by the the various businesses in Farmerville. In our group, Ronald Foster won a prize right off the bat, a big candle holder and a candle. Later I won a 12 pack of coke. The meal of fish, slaw, French fries and homemade desserts was delicious. Not only do we want to thank those already mentioned for making this possible but the meal-site managers as well as Susan Edwards Triad Director for making the desserts and serving the food. Visiting with old friends was the icing on the cake. Thanks again for giving us such a good day.

Our new friends/neighbors in Spearsville went to New Iberia to visit her sister and other relatives in that area over the Mother’s Day weekend. Denise is enjoying being close enough to visit her family more often and we are glad they chose Spearsville for their new home. Maybe the rain has stopped and she can sit in her yard.

Thought for the Day

I contend for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself by the handle. — Winston Churchill


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