School Items

The Gazette
November 8, 1905

By the Students:

We were glad to have four new pupils this week, viz: Misses Minnie Honeycutt and Minnie Wilson, Messrs. Joe Merit and Edward Compton.

Mr. Charlie Jameson was absent Thursday and Friday. He went to Monroe on business.

We were honored by a visit from Master Byron Monroe Friday afternoon.

Miss Eva Pace was absent Friday.

The school boys and girls were highly entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Taylor Friday evening. Interesting games were played until nine thirty, after which nice refreshments were served.

The Erosophian Society met Friday, Nov. 3, and the following program was rendered:

Reading: Evelyn Sanders
Composition: Freida Hartman
News of School: Miriam Hartman
Recitation: Minnie Preaus
Composition: Bettie Haas
Anecdote: Jeanie Carroll.
Narrative: Sherwood Smith
Essay: Honor Odom
Anecdote: Evelyn Sanders


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