Dykes Taylor

The Gazette
September 28, 1932

Dykes Taylor of the Truxno community was shot and almost instantly killed at 7:30 o’clock Saturday morning September 24th as a result of a difficulty with S. J. Slade of the same community.

After receiving a telephone call notifying him of the incident Sheriff Pat Murphy and deputy George M. Edwards left immediately for the scene of the trouble by they met Slade on his way to town to surrender to them.

According to a statement made by Slade to the sheriff, Taylor and some other men were at a syrup mill making syrup, the mill being located on the property of one John Brantley near Truxno. It seems that Taylor earlier in the morning had sent some word to Slade by his (Taylor’s) 13 year old boy and that Taylor became angry about some reply sent back by Slade.

When Slade later was passing the mill on mule back, Taylor rushed up to a wire fence beside the road called to Slade to wait and began rushing on him with a club Slade stated. Warning him not to keep coming Slade claim he paid no attention to the warning. Slade fired at the man three time with a 28 S & W pistol, the first two shots missing, the third one taking effect in Taylor’s head. He died in about thirty minutes. Slade immediately started for Farmerville to surrender to the sheriff, declaring that he acted in self-defense. He was lodged in the Parish jail here.

The Grand Jury being in session at the time, and just before their adjournment, investigated the matter and returned a true bill for manslaughter. Slade later was released on a $2,000 bond.

The Gazette
October 26, 1932

After deliberating for more than three hours, a jury in the District Court here returned a verdict of not guilty in the case of the state against S. J. Slade, charged with manslaughter. The jury received the case Friday just before noon and brought in their verdict that afternoon.

Slade was charged with the killing of Dykes Taylor at a syrup mill near the home of John Brantley in the Truxno community of this parish on September 24th last. Taylor was a tenant on land belonging to Slade. According to the evidence in the case, it was shown that the two men had had a sort of falling out before and that Taylor was making toward Slade when the latter shot him from his position in the road or along the edge of the road at the syrup mill. The case caused much interest to be manifested in the community of Truxno where the killing occurred, large crowds packing the court room the two of the trial.


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