Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
November 8, 1905

Mrs. A. J. Bell visited Ruston and Monroe last week.

The Farmerville High School now has 105 pupils enrolled.

Lawyer W. D. Munholland visited friends in Monroe last week.

Mrs. Edw. Everett and children are visiting relatives in Monroe.

Mrs. Levi spent last week in Monroe visiting relatives and friends.

Mr. Gus Hartman made a business trip to Monroe last week, returning on Thursday.

Prof. J. O. Hodnett was over from Marion Monday, and gave this office a pleasant call.

What has become our correspondents? We would like to hear from them each week.

We understand Contractor Hicks is building a new flat boat to be used at Fork Ferzy.

The Range men are winding up their delivery here and will soon leave for Claiborne Parish.

Farmerville is still paying the top of the market for cotton and (?) (?) to come rapidly.

Mr. F. E. Mayo has been on the wick list for several days, but we are pleased to note his improvement.

Mrs. T. J. Breed returned last Saturday from El Dorado where she had been visiting friends for several days.

Mr. G. A. Killgore, of Baton Rouge, who has been visiting relatives in the parish, was a pleasant caller Monday.

The Gazette office has been crowded with job printing this week and if the local news is a little short we hope our readers will bear with us.


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