Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
July 30, 2009

Things have really been happening this week in Spearsville. First God sent us rain and cooler temperatures; our lawns are green once more (no more crunching sounds when you walk across) and flowers are beginning to bud out once more. We thank Him for His kindness and taking care of our every need – in His own time – a great lesson in patience and trust.

VSB was a huge success with over sixty young children and teachers at Spearsville and forty or so at Mt. Union. The activities were innovative and fun; everyone had a great time. Thanks to the pastors, teachers and kids that made this possible.

Sunday was “Ronald Foster Day” at Spearsville Baptist church with a packed house. Immediate family was Jeff Johnson, Cathy & Bill Barnes, Sandy Silmon and her daughter Sarah. Cousins: Greg Barron, Holly Barron, Melanie B. Brooks and her husband, Charlie, Frances Mitcham Rich & her husband Billy. Special friends: Pat & Marilyn Taylor and David & Deanna Henderson. After recognition of the family and a presentation of a plaque to Ronald several of his children and family members related stories of special memories about Ronald. Each of his children expressed thanks to him for accepting five children as his when he married Beverly and moved them to their new home in Spearsville. After the service we had lunch in the fellowship hall-WOW! Was it delicious! We’ve got some great cooks in Spearsville; they would rival Paula Dean. It was great visiting with old friends and family and we thank everyone that made this such a great day.

While visiting with Marilyn Taylor I caught up on the latest in her family. Mark is working for the Department of Defense and has been sent to Afghanistan several times and is there now. We’ll add him to our prayer list for safety in his job. Christy and her husband have bought that beautiful log house in Lillie. I’ve always wanted to see that house up close; maybe she will have open house when when she gets settled and invite all of us.

Tim Silmon was helping some friends as they were burning brush (I think) and as he slung the fuel, diesel & gas mixture, on the fire the wind caught it and threw it back on him. Tim is suffering 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face, hands and front part of his body. He has been released from the hospital but is still bundled up in bandages and is in a great deal of pain. Please remember to pray for him and Karen, his wife, as they cope with the terrible effects of this accident.

J. T. Saunders went for an MRI last week and there were several areas of concern, the most imminent being an aneurysm which will require surgery. After this they can go on the other problems. Pray for him and Pat as they face these medical problems; bring them comfort in the knowledge that God is with them every step on the way.

Imogene Nelson has visited our Sunday school class and church for the last two Sundays. It has bee a real treat for us to make a new friend and ahve her contribute to the Bible study in the Ruth Sunday School Class. We look forward to seeing her again next Sunday.

Bruce & Betty Barron went to Shreveport to visit with Kelly, Jeremy and the kids on Friday and then went on to a Brazer family reunion on Saturday. It’s always good to renew kinship with many shared experiences. I forgot to tell you that little two-year-old Jacob is now walking. You might remember that he really started when his aunt was on a walker and walked in front of her. Then he went to his walker. His therapy as well as his parents concerted efforts in exercises have given him that boost to walk sooner than the doctors had expected. Hats off to this family and to the extended family.

Ronald Foster and his friend Elizabeth attended a dinner’theater at Murry’s in Little Rock Friday night. The play was “Scrabble”, a comedy. Ronald said the food was delicious and he enjoyed the play very much; found it funny even though he had not expected to.

Carol Shoemaker has been transferred to LSU Medical for surgery this week to remove a cyst on her pancreas. Remember her, also, as you pray for the others mentioned.

Thought for the Day

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. –Benjamin Frankin–


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