Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
August 13, 2009

Ready or not vacation time is over for the kids and the teachers; school starts on Friday with a half-day. This is just enough time to get the schedule, meet the teacher of each class, and see friends that haven’t been seen since May. The first day is always exciting with new supplies, new clothes, and making new friends. May this year be just as exciting as new information is learned and new skills are developed. I still miss being a part of this excitement. Best wishes for a good year for everyone.

Sunday was a good day for us and especially for Gwenee and Wayne Banes, the parents of Kara who made a profession of faith and wishes to follow this decision with baptism and becoming a member of the Spearsville Baptist Church. We are so pleased that she has taken this step; a step that will forever change her life.

Bernice Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was host to the Chapel Kneelers, a quartet of gospel music. Bob Reid, the son of Opal Reid, a long time resident of Weldon, heads up this quartet. Floy and Billy Rea went over to enjoy the music as well as visit with his Aunt Opal and his aunt and uncle from El Dorado, Mary Alice and John Duke.

Oda Rockett is having cataract surgery this week. We want to say a special prayer for her and her doctor, Dr. Joey Barron, that this will be successful and her sight will be returned. Also, Oda is asking for prayers for her great grandson, Geoffery, as he cries when he turns a certain way. The Dr. has done some evaluation and therapy will begin this week and hopefully, this problem will be alleviated.

Ned and Mary Barron went this weekend to the annual church meeting of the Primitive Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. They have been doing this for years and have many friends from around the country that they look forward to visiting with. Mary said they had a great meeting and a most enjoyable trip. Mary & Ned are expecting another good visit this week from their daughter, Pam, and her two children, Justin and Lyndsey. They live in Round Rock, TX. which is a suburb of Austin, TX.

Chelsea Shoemaker and I went Monday to LSU Medical in Shreveport to visit Carol Shoemaker. It was a good day for her and she was quite responsive, contrary to her usual days, The doctors have drained the cyst and are planning to do gall bladder surgery next week. Please keep her in your prayers as she heals both physically and mentally.

Spearsville Baptist Church is planning a one day revival next Sunday, August, 16th. A native son, Rev. Joe Calvin Aulds will be the evangelist. He is a very good speaker and so devout in his faith that he always “recharges our batteries”. We invite you to come and be a part of this; then stay for a pot-luck lunch. Spearsville has ‘some good cooks’ and they always come through with their special dishes. Everyone looks forward to Ann Heard’s chicken and dressing and Floy Rea’s dumplings. Carolyn Futch makes the best Italian Cream cake that you ever put in your mouth and I could go on but you get the picture..You oughta come! 11 A.M. and 6 P.M. are the times.

The Ruth Sunday School Class had nine in attendance this Sunday – eight member and one visitor, Imogen Nelson. She has visited with us several times and we enjoy her participation.

During these “dog days” of summer we are watching a lot of television. Many people have and are developing strong views on certain bills that our representative and senators will be voting on in Sept. The Cap & Trade will affect our cost of electricity and whether many older plants, such as Lion Oil in El Dorado can stay in existence. The Healthcare bill will have a direct affect on each of us as our country overhauls the entire system. Whatever your view, you need to be letting your representative or Senator hear from you so they can represent the people when they vote; that’s what we pay them for. E-mail, snail mail or telephone will work. Phone #: Sen. Vitter: 202 224 4523 — Sen. Landrien: 202 224 3824 — Rep. Alexander: 202 225 8490. Just Google, if you have a computer and submit your wishes. I have heard that handwritten letters work really well. They especially pay attention to older voters.

Thought for the Day

The test of courage comes comes when we are in the minority; the test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority — Ralph W. Sockman —


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