From Marion

The Gazette
November 15, 1905

Editor Gazette:

Seeing a letter on the columns of your esteemed paper from H. R. Ham, on blind tigerism, and its cure, I so heartily endorse what he wrote that to wish to say a few words on this also.

I just wish to ask the public who is to blame, and can there be a stop put to it?

Not that it pleases me for any one to be in letters. No, a thousand times no. But better a prison cell here than to spend eternity in hell. And if it takes imprisonment to stop it, people should not hesitate to execute the law. And it is a sin to go contrary to our laws, Rom. 13.

Some say there cannot be a stop put to these blind tigers, but I say there has been very little time to try and put it down, and of every good citizen would come together and try, every blind tiger would be wiped from our community.

And if it is not put a stop to our boys will be ruined. Some are already on the road to ruin. At every public meeting that the people of this community have, religions worship not excepted, we see the effects of the vile stuff. How can the father of those boys stand idly by and see their boys on the downward road, not only ruin for their life, but think of eternity.

Some do not like the idea of reporting a person knowing it will break them up financially, and they clear their conscience by saying “they are not hurting me”. It may appear hard to do a thing that would hurt our neighbors, but think the man who will sell a thing, not only against the laws of out country, but to lead our boys and men to eternal misery, for such a one we should not have respect, much less stand back and not help our rulers to clear the country of such.

Some fathers like too well to visit the place themselves. Can you expect any better of the boys? I know this to be a fact, but shame on such. It is time for fathers and mothers to awake to the fact that they are setting an example for their children. Our little ones are watching us when we little think. And I say that the fathers and mothers are to blame.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” — Prov. 22:6.

I know some are ready to say they have seen good parents bring up bad children, but how do you know they brought up their children as they should. How many fathers can truthfully say they never brought home to drink as a beverage, and let that little boy see you? Did you not know that you were setting an example that you would have to reap the bitter fruits of, or perhaps have already done so?

How many mothers can say they never have any eggnog at Christmas? I do not wish to set such an example for my children. We nearly always hear them say, “I do not think it is any harm to make an eggnog at Christmas”. And each member of the family joins in the fun. You can hear the bump, bump, of the egg beater until it is made, and then it is not only given to the larger children, but the babies are fed. Parent, do you think you have trained your child right, when you indulge in such things? I heard one mother say, “we have never failed to have whiskey but one Christmas since we were married. Now she is reaping the bitter fruits of her example. We celebrate Christmas as Christ’s birthday, or we should celebrate it as such. Then, why do we not get our children together and read to them about the little babe that was born in a manger in Bethlehem of Judes, that the wise men came and brought him gifts and for this reason we give them gifts. Also teach our children to be happy on this day, 1906 years ago our Savior was born, but not to turn it into the howling mob that went to crucify Jesus. The way most people act Christmas day, they resemble the mob that crucified Jesus more than people trying to celebrate the Lord’s birthday. (The rest of this paragraph can not be read).

But it is my honest believe that if parents would set the right example the children will follow. Not just talk against whiskey and vote against it, but begin at home – never bring a drop on the place unless the doctor prescribes it, and I believe we will have less drunkards and blind tigers.

L. J. B.


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