Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
August 27, 2009

Late last Friday evening our walking crew noticed lots of cars over at the church and couldn’t figure out what was going on. As it turned out, Chris Canterberry director of youth, and our kids were holding a Rock-A-Thon as a fundraiser for a trip to Alexandria next summer – a youth revival for kids all over the state. Chris reported Sunday that they had about 30 kids to participate. They had a lot of fun and raised money at the same time; that is just great and a worthy project for our young people. Chris is doing a good job motivating kids to get involved in God’s plan and purpose for our their lives. We appreciate him for all that he does.

Margaret Nell Rhodes Hollis, a sister of John Rhodes, came for a visit to Spearsville along with her daughter and son-in-law, Judy and Jim and her grandson, Jeff. They have lived for a long time in Eugene, OR. Their first stop was Memphis, TN. to visit Margaret’s sister, Dixie Rhodes Carpenter. They are staying at the old Hollis home place, just north of Spearsville and enjoyed a Hollis get – together on Sunday. During this week they will be spending some time with Bonnie & John Rhodes. On Monday the crew will go to Minden for a visit with a cousin.

Spearsville Baptist Church had several visitors Sunday. Beth Rhodes Lawson came to be with her parents, Vergil & Mary Gene. Beth was able to sit not only with her parents but also with her grandsons, Layne & Tyler. After the services they went up to Steve & Mary Lawson’s for dinner. Steve did the cooking and he is a very good cook, I am told. They later came back to Spearsville to finish their visit. It’s always good to see “our kids” back with us in their old home church.

I didn’t know all the visitors as there were a good many young people; however, I did know Pam Green Mason. She almost filled a pew with her two children as well as three other kids. Someone told me later that two were Masons and one was CiCi, Wilbur Upshaw’s granddaughter. I’m sorry that I didn’t get everybody’s name, but I promise that I will have a pen and paper ready for next Sunday. We welcome each and everyone who visited and look forward to, not only seeing them but getting to know them as well.

Life’s Share Blood Center was at Mt. Union Baptist Church on Sunday taking donations of blood in honor of Bro. Jared’s baby. Several from our church donated: Justin Pepper, Stanley Lenard, Bonnie and John Rhodes; Bud Farrar, from Lillie and many from Mt. Union made up the great turnout. Jennifer thought there had been about thirty or thirty-five when they were there and people were still dropping by. I don’t know the official count but we appreciate each and every person who, so unselfishly, donates blood so that others might live.

Shirley Miller, our pastor’s wife, took a terrible fall last week and had to be rushed to the hospital. Fortunately she had no broken bones but just badly bunged up; this was not good for an already bad back. They kept her in the hospital for several days doing all kinds of tests and now she is in the rehab section being put through the mill. Hopefully she will be able to be home soon. Bro. James said that he was beginning to think they were part of Job’s family. Alan, his son, is just now beginning to be out and about after being in the hospital with a reaction to a flu shot. James David, his son, had a terrible bout with the flu, and last week Bro. James had a run-in with a Knockout Rose and he lost, by the looks of his hand. It looks terrible and it’s his right hand at that – his “hand shaking hand”. Jan, his daughter from Alexandria, came to the rescue and stayed for several days. We pray that soon all the Millers will bounce back — good as new; Enough is enough!!

Life’s Mathematics

Add your friends; subtract your enemies; multiply your joys; divide your sorrows and draw a circle with God in the center and love as the radius. — Anonymous —


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