From Marion

The Gazette
November 22, 1905

Editor Gazette:

You still want to hear form the different parts of the parish. It seems that but few will respond. While it has only been a short time since I wrote you from this place, I will try in my feeble way to come again.

You must not expect very much of me, as my college education is very limited.

We have had but little news since my last letter to you. We have some sickness around, but little in town.

Some little improvement still going on.

Mr. M. G. Jarmon and family have moved to Western Texas. This family will be missed as to know them was to love them. We hope they will meet friends in the west.

The Methodists have just closed their meeting. Eight or ten joined their church. This meeting reminded me of a meeting that was conducted when I was a boy. Brother Sloan, the pastor assisted by Brother Finley, from Texas, a noble worker, as well as a preacher. Brother Finley has promised to come back again. I think he will do good wherever he goes. He seems to love the Baptist as he does the Methodists. He wants souls saved. The people certainly enjoyed this meeting. I think it will do good for some time. They had the help of the good ladies here. As I am a ladies’ man, I certainly enjoyed the meeting. Some will say the women must keep silent in church. Here I will differ with them. When you cut the women out there is but little religion left. These are my honest views, while the world may differ with me on this line. If the churches or the people had more religion it would stop so much fussing. It makes no difference what church you may belong to so you live a christian.

Well, speaking of this meeting, it was a little hard on the blind tigers and the men and brethren that kept them up. The man who will buy this blind tiger whiskey will swear in court that he did not. Then how can you convict the man that sells it? We would be better off with open saloons than have so many blind tigers. While we cannot afford to vote for the saloons, it would look like inviting it back.

As I have said before, the wolf, bear and other wild animals will leave as the country settles up, but the tiger will never leave. He certainly must be the bravest of all animals. Some men, and even boys, don’t seem to dread him, but show me the lady that is not scared of the beast. I will say, come and let us season together. We want you saved, we only do this for your good and the good of the country. Look at the poor women and children, almost in rage and but little bread to eat. If I could say on word on this line that would do some poor mongol who has no control over this habit, it would more than pay me for all my writing. I look back 12 or 15 years and think of myself as sot drunkard, but thank the Lord I turned away for the bad habit. We will not condemn a man that will only take a drank in case of sickness, but do not take it as a beverage. Then don’t get it from the blind tiger. It almost breaks my heart to see a good man in this fix. We have some good men at heart that have lost self control. Take my advice and turn away for a more noble purpose. We all love you and want you saved from a drunkard’s grave. I do want some one that is more competent than myself to write on this important question. Please take hold of this. We may save some poor man or boy from this curse.

Well, in conclusion, will say we still have no agent here. We have trains each day, which livens up things.

The cotton crop is short but the price is good. The stave business has put almost money enough here to make up for the short cotton crop.

I will close by asking someone to take my place in writing from Marion as I am old and feeble.

J. H. Roark.


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