Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
September 24, 2009

If you really want to know what was happening in Spearsville last week just imagine rain – lots of rain, a T. V., a stack of good books and a comfy Lazy Boy. Some folks were busy watching the rain gauge fill up, pouring it out just to see if fill once again. The numbers were all over the place, but I think the consensus was between 12 and 14 inches. Hopefully this week we will be able to get out on the lawnmower and cut that tall, green grass.

Oda Rockett was on her way to Shreveport to keep a doctor’s appointment and she asked God for a good trip. She said He answered her prayer; the rain stopped in Bernice and she had a great trip. After her appointment with Dr. Warren, her daughter Karen treated her to lunch at the University Club, which is on the 19th floor. They had a beautiful view of the skyline of Shreveport/Bossier. The food was very good and they topped it of with a delicious Strawberry Sorbet.

Mary Gene and Vergil Rhodes has a good visit with their daughter, Laurie and son-in-law, Phillip Smith. They are from Bentonville, Arkansas, where Phillip is pastor of the First Baptist Church. Some of you probably remember them when he was pastor at Weldon Baptist Church many years ago. This trip allowed them to kill two birds with one stone – visit with the parents and be the guest speaker, as a former pastor, at Cedar Crest Baptist Church in West Monroe on Sunday. Mary Gene said they all went to Hollis’ on Friday night and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Sunday was a day to honor the seniors/grandparents on Grandparent’s Day; it was a wonderful day!! All honorees were asked to stand and were recognized. Next we received a gift from the church – a go-cup filled with goodies. Our guest speaker was Rev. William Busby, retired but still mission-minded, and he shared some of his experiences in various parts of the world. His message contained an analogy of a silver-smith refining silver to God and His love/care for us as all the impurities of our lives are removed in this journey of life.

After all of this, we still had one more gift; the young adults treated us to a pot-luck dinner in the fellowship hall. Wow!! There was food everywhere and was it delicious!! I think the torch has now been passed down to the sons and daughters and their spouses. Ann’s dressing was even there but made by Jolie, her granddaughter, and it was delicious. Melissa Thomas just laughed, when complimented, and said they just knew how to read and follow a recipe; I believe it was a little more than that. However it happened, we look forward to the next time that us old folks are pampered in such a sweet and “delicious” way. Hat’s off to theme and we say a special “thank you” to each person who made this day so enjoyable. We love you!!


Mary Gene just called and said they had a new baby boy born to Buddy’s daughter, Christina. He weighted in at 8 lbs and 4 ozs, is 21 inches long, and his name in Isaac Aiden Ritter. Mary Gene was so excited. This is the 11th great-grand child and nine of them are boys. Congratulations to the entire Rhodes family.

Thoughts for the Day

A successful life is a succession of well-lived moments in word and deed. — unknown.

Grandmothers are really just moms with lots of frosting. — Gene Perret —


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