Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 8, 2009

One would have thought by this week that rain would have been a thing of the past; however, if you were to look at my yard, and those around me, you’d think we will need a boat by next week. All the people are talking about is measuring rain and how glad we are that we didn’t procrastinate on Saturday with the lawn mowing-such a beautiful day to be outside. It’s amazing how all the different rain gauges give a different number!!!

Denise and Tim Clement enjoyed last weekend visiting with her sister and other relatives, as well as the Sugarcane Festival in New Iberia. There was lots of food, music, and dancing-all Cajun style. They went by the Tobasco Plant and brought their good friend, Calvin Hollis, a gift of some of that good stuff. They live right behind Hollis’ Seafood and Calvin is such a good neighbor – the Southern way, like cutting part of their grass while he is cutting his, as well as other ways. A special “shout out” to Calvin for being so nice to new people in town.

There will be a garage sale at out fellowship hall next weekend. Our young adults are sponsoring this to make money so they will be able to buy new items to go in the shoe boxes that will be sent to the children who live on an Indian reservation in New Mexico. This is the second year that they have done it this way and it has been quite successful. It seemed that they filled almost a hundred boxes last year. If anyone has items that you’d like to donate just let someone know and we’ll see that they get to the right people. Last year they worked really hard on this project but it was so worthwhile, and just heartwarming to read the notes of thanks from the children.

Nell and Wilbur Upshaw just got back from a long trip out west – 7000 miles in all. They went to visit relatives in Montana, Oregon and California. On the way back they stopped in New Mexico to visit the cemetery and put flowers on the grave of her father. Wilbur really enjoyed putting their new truck through its paces on some very mountainous road. They had a very good trip and saw lots of beautiful country but Spearsville looked mighty good – their own bed and those delicious homegrown veggies on the table. Welcome Home!!!

Bro James had the best message from the 28th and 29th chapter of Exodus. Only he could turn those verses into “Get off your seat, Get on your feet, Get out in the street and to God’s Will – Spread the Good News about Jesus and his saving power for all mankind – that’s what matters to God; our service to others. He turned this into, not only a message but a challenge to the members of Spearsville Baptist Church, as we lead our daily lives.

Flu has come to Spearsville. Shirley Miller has been sick for a week as well as Jordan Barron. The school has been hard hit in Spearsville, Junction City and Farmerville. Let’s pray that those who are sick will stay away from people and the flu vaccine will be effective for us old folks that we, too, will not come down with it.

Oda Rockett gave an update on her great grandson, Georffery. The doctor is pleased with the improvement that he sees and plans to continue the therapy. You might remember he is about five months old and has been unable to move his head to the left without experiencing pain. He can do so a little now. Continue to pray for him as Lindsey works with him daily. Bonnie Rhodes, Floy Rea, and I went to see Carol Shoemaker, at Leslie Lakes in Arcadia, on Wednesday. We got her to drink at milkshake but she is eating very little and has had to be hospitalized again, since we were there. Please remember her in your daily talk to God.

Ann and Johnny spent the week in Minden, at their other home, hoping to catch up on some yard work and cleaning; however, their week was spent very much like ours, “Helping Haley” – an old saying here when you are not doing anything.

Don’t forget the Rockett Reunion on Saturday, Oct. 10th if you are in any way connected to either Joseph, Hosea or Thomas Rockett. Some of you young people may not know – check with your mom or dad and come on with a dish in hand to Camp Creek Baptist Church just south of Spearsville. The food is always out of this world; you’ll visit with old relatives and meet new ones.

Thoughts for the Day

May your troubles be less; your blessings more, and may nothing but happiness come through your door. — unknown —


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