Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 22, 2009

October is the month for birthdays and Ann Stone Heard had the best-a surprise. Jennifer and Stan, her daughter and son-in-law, pretended they would just have a simple birthday meal and they should come about 3:30 on Saturday afternoon. When she got there they were just sitting around watching TV; nothing unusual. After all the “hello’s out came everybody from the bedroom, yelling “Happy Birthday”. The whole crew was there except Jessica, who had to work, and Johnathon who is in Iraq. There are both of Teresa’s children. Everything was a complete surprise to Ann and Hats Off to Jennifer and the gang for pulling this off. It was a great time for everyone.

The Young people of Spearsville Baptist Church had a rummage sale last weekend for the Navajo Indian children in New Mexico. It had enough stuff left over to do it again if they have the energy and time permits. Thanks go out to all who came/bought/made donation to this worthy cause of Christmas shoe boxes for these needy children; we give thanks to our young women/men who went out and picked up the furniture and other thins as well as putting out the stuff on their day off from their jobs. Thank You !!

Mary Gene and Vergil Rhodes enjoyed a visit from their daughter, Susan and their son-in-law, Michael. After church they all went to Hollis’ to enjoy their Sunday meal. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful restaurant and good food right across the street from the church. Not only do you get to visit with family but with people from the various area churches.

Sharon and Roger Meade are improving things in Spearsville. They are putting in a small convenience store in part of the old garage part of the station. Already we can buy pick up stuff like mike and bread. This week they added BBQ sandwiches with plans to do hamburgers, fries, and breakfast food next. Their prices are competitive – even the gas – with those in surrounding towns. Roger told me that they were able to sell the milk even cheaper than Wal-Mart. Calvin Hollis was a good neighbor and lent a hand in helping with water/sewer lines to speed this thing along to meet health standards. Let’s remember all the conveniences of Meade’s and give them our support. You’ve got to buy gas and you’ve got to eat so why not do it in Spearsville-Hollis’ at night/Sunday and Meade’s during the week.

Oda Rockett met in Shreveport last Wednesday for her annual Alumni meeting of the nurses who graduated from the Shreveport Charity Nursing School. They met in a Methodist church and the ladies of that church catered the meal. It was beautifully decorated with white cloths, silver and crystal and the food was delicious; however, the best part was seeing old friends who shared many of the same experiences. Oda said that many had to be brought by their daughters because of their advanced age and others have gone on to be with the Lord. It was wonderful to reminisce if days gone past.

Dale Liner, Floy Rea’s son-in-law, will be inducted in the LA. Music Assoc. Hall of Fame in Baton Rouge on Sat. Nov. 21 st, right after the All-State Choir concert. The Hall of Fame for Music Educators in LA was instituted in 1982 and is sponsored by the LMEA. The purpose being to honor music educators, who by virtue of their contributions, are recognized as being the most highly regarded professional leaders in music education of LA. Not only do we recognize and honor Dale for this high honor, but also remember that another son-in-law from Spearsville, Michael D. Spears was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1999. He is the husband of Susan Rhodes Spears and son-in-law of Vergil and Mary Gene Rhodes. We extend our congratulations and thank them for their dedication to public music as band directors in the Ouachita School System.

Shirley Miller is home from the hospital after a bout with the flu; this added to all the other problems has not made for a good few weeks for her. Being home and in her own bed and chair has at least made it tolerable. We wish her the best as she gets back on her feet. Bro. James brought a good message Sunday though I did become distracted for a few minutes and didn’t remember one of his points. Being a former teacher I don’t know how I left out instruct. I did, however, remember that we are go out in our daily lives and serve God by: Inviting others to come, inspire them to live for God, and get others to become involved in the service of God-now. I add to my stored memory that we are to instruct new Christians as they begin a new journey in life. This was a wonderful message to old people as well as the young. During this past week we were to honor our pastors; we’ve got the best – a good pastor, a good preacher and a good friend as well. Who could ask for anything more?

I almost forgot to tell you about Johnny Heard’s grandson, Chandler, who plays football for Glenbrook High in Minden. This past weekend they played Prairie View in Bastrop. Chandler caught a pass right straight over his head and scored a touchdown for his team. They trounced their opponents with a score of 18 to 0 and muddy all over but I’m sure they hardly noticed as they slid around the field. Ann said that she had never waded through so much mud in her life and I could quote her on that – with a laugh. They’ll be right out there the next time rain or shine; you can count on grandparents when their grandkid is involved.

Thoughts for the Day

Humility shows up in little things. It is humility that helps us admit when we are wrong. It is, also, humility that makes us easier to live with when we are right. Man never stands so tall than when he bows to Jesus Christ and submits himself to follow His divine guidance. — Jack Hammond —


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