Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
November 29, 1905

The school at this place now has an enrollment of 115.

Dr. Thurmon returned to his home at Ruston Sunday.

Mr. Dan Martin is suffering from an attack of penumonia.

The police jury will meet the first Monday in December.

A number of local fishermen spent the day King Lake Monday.

The Mattie came up Sunday morning with a good cargo for this place.

Prog. Monroe is now occupying the residence lately vacated by Mr. Carroll.

Major Donley has been on the sick list for several days, but is improving now.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy, of Monroe, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Murphy.

We hear it rumored that Mr. Duke Selig will begin the erection of a cozy new home sometime in the neat future.

The weather thus far has been ideal fall weather, but the prospect is good for some rough weather in the near future.

Mrs. Edward Everett was right sick last week, threatened with pneumonia, but we are pleased to state, is improving.

The Gazette notes with pleasure the prospects for river navigation to continue without any further interruption during the season.

Mr. W. N. McFarland, assistant State Treasurer, of Baton Rouge, was here this week, the guest of his sister, Mrs. Theodosia Ramsey.

Mr. Jim Dawkins, of Truxno, brought to this office last Saturday the foot of a mammoth wild cat, which he caught in a steel trap on his farm the day before.

The Wrought Iron Range salesmen passed through the first of the week on their way to Bastrop, where they will make their headquarters for a few weeks.

The Arkansas Journal, a neat six column folio, with Mr. A. A. Terrell as editor, comes to or exchange table from El Dorado, Ark. We wish the new paper much success.

Attorney J. W. Elder went to Ruston Sunday to meet his father and mother, who came from their home in Mangham, Oklahoma, to visit him. The Gazette wishes for them a pleasant visit.

Invitations are out announcing the marriage of Mr. J. W. Elder of this place to Miss Ida Moffet, at Ruston, next Sunday. The Gazette tenders it’s congratulations in advance and wishes them a long and happy life.

Mr. J. E. Gill has turned in a petition of 156 names for a free delivery route to run from this place through Culberson school neighborhood and D’Arbonne school neighborhood and back to Farmerville.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Baughman have returned from New Orleans, where they went to have an operation performed on the eyes of their little daughter, Fay. We are pleased to state that the little miss is doing nicely, and is able to resume her studies in school.

On the new liner Amerika there is every modern facilities for getting meals, but the facilities for keeping them are as primitive as ever.

Hall Caine addressed the Rockfeller bible class on”The Pace That Kills.” Does Mr. Caine use a gasoline, electric or adam car?

Pittsburgh is to have a hotel of great magnificence and New York one of great height. You pay year money and you take your choice.

Henry Arthur Jones, the English dramatist, says the people should read plays as well as to see them. Heavens! Has the man no pity.

If the University of Chicago succeeds in discouraging the great American toothpick habit, it will need no other claim to fame.

A Philadelphia woman had her husband arrested for beating her between prayers. He was probably praying for more strength.

The man who makes two laughs grow where two sour faces grew before deserves to be made a multimillionaire.

When a bank fails, it is only another case where the examiners failed to examine or the directors to direct.

“Where,” asks a Nashville paper are the strong men? A good many of them are playing center just now.

The consumption of Scotch whiskey is “steadily declining.” So it was really a fad and not a preference.

Admiral Togo can’t be so much of a hero, after all. He hands over every cent of his salary to his wife.


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