Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
November 19, 2009

This rainy, dreary day was one that makes you just want to call in sick, turnover and go back to sleep. Then we remember that “Today is the day that the Lord hath made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it”. There seemed to be no option but to pull one’s self up by the bootstraps and get on with what needs to be done. This is LA and it will probably be 80 and sunshine in two or three days.

Last Wednesday, Veteran’s Day, Ann and Johnny Heard went to Glenbrook School in Minden for a special day of recognition/honor of all parents, grandparents and other relatives that had served this country. Afterwards, they were treated to lunch with grandson, Chandler, other guests and students. Ann said it was a very impressive and meaningful service which they enjoyed very much.

Triad, in Spearsville, had their Thanksgiving Dinner on Wednesday. The members dispensed with all business and got right down on the fun part-eating and visiting. I didn’t get a head count but there were three or four tables of people and couple of tables of food. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Maxine Taylor, the president of the Spearsville chapter, and Susan Edwards, the director of the parish, are doing a wonderful job; they are a delight to be around and that is what us old folks need. Joane Rockett Miller was able to come, saying she is gradually improving; it’s just a day by day process. We pray for her to continue to recover and get back to all the things she loves to do.

Elaine Foster Elkins was visiting with Cindy Haney her sister, and they came on over to their old home in Spearsville and spent a few days. John Rhodes stopped by and visited on Sunday. It’s good to just “water your roots” every once in awhile – a good visit.

Avery Thomas, daughter of Curtis and Melissa, fell off the bed and she was sporting an arm sling Sunday. We hope that it heals quickly. She and the other 3 & 4 year olds come and sing for our Ruth School Class each Sunday morning: we missed seeing her and hearing her with the group this week.

Reports on our sick said that Hunter Bennett, Jeff’s son, is recovering nicely from his football injury and the damage is not as severe as first thought-good news. Joan Smith is home from the hospital and is doing well; just not up to coming to church yet. We miss her and hope to see her soon and back at the organ. Dixie Rhodes Carpenter, sister of John, has been dismissed from the rehab and is recovering at home with her broken hip. It won’t be long before we hear that she is back playing with her grandchild. time passes quickly these days.

Ann Stone Heard and her husband Johnny, enjoyed Sunday with a visit from her granddaughter, Jessica Nunley Janes and her husband Carey, from Bella Vista, AR. After church they all went to Ann’s for lunch – Jessica, Carcy, Jennifer, Stanley, Joli, Andy, Justin and Stacy. Chicken/dumpling and roast as well as lots of favorite veggies and desserts were on the menu. It was such a good day especially since it seems as if every time they have such a get together Jessica is always working and can’t come.

Last week Beth and Chris Mitchell, who used to live in Spearsville, were traveling through Ruston on one of their cross-country trucking trips and got to meet up with her sister Pam Green Mason. Since they live in west Texas now, Beth doesn’t get to see her family very often and this was a wonderful opportunity for them. Oh, I heard last week or maybe it was the week before that they were in Wisconsin when the highway was cleared for Pres. Obama’s motorcade on the way to Madison, Wisconsin. Since the kids are all grown up, Beth travels with Chris and seems to be having a great experience.

The Meades’ in Spearsville, have started serving sausage & biscuit in the mornings. Johnny Rhodes said that they are addictive and he is going to have to start leaving home a bit early. I can see right now that there are going to be pounds added in Spearsville. All joking aside, if you are hungry and don’t have time to fix breakfast, before going to work, stop by. We need just such a place – gas, food, a few groceries and Roger can even fix a flat. They are so friendly and doing such a good job; with our help they can be very successful.

Bro. James had such a good message for us as we begin the Thanksgiving Season. He entitled it “An Attitude of Gratitude”, which created contentment, generates joy, stimulates sharing; these three things in each of us blesses others in which we come in contact. These can only come about with a right relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savor. Bro. James did a great job delivering this message to us because he truly believes it and lives this sermon each day. We are so thankful that God sent him back to us as our pastor, preacher, encourager and friend; on a good day he even walks with our gang — especially after a big meal of all those things he loves but a diabetic in not supposed to eat.

Thought for the Day

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. — Edmond Burke —


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