Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
December 13, 1905

The general health of our town is good now.

The weather prophets predict snow today.

The Mattie arrived Sunday with a good cargo.

Now would be a good time to pay your subscription.

Mrs. Arthur Johnson visited relatives in Ruston last week

White perch have been rather plentiful on the market larely.

Mr. Hammond will occupy the B. F. Pleasant place next year.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Munholland returned last week from Delhi.

The young people anticipate a large attendance at the ball on the 28th.

Rev. Finley preached at the M. E. church Sunday morning and night.

Mr. J. H. Roark was shaking hands with his many friends here Friday.

The business men are wearing smiling faces these days on account of nice trade.

Messrs. F. E. Mayo and Joe made a trip to Monroe last Friday, returning Sunday.

Mr. K. A. Pleasant has accepted a position as salesman with the Farmerville Drug Company.

We give up a large portion of our space this week to the proceedings of the parish legislature.

Court is over, the police jury has adjourned, and things are rather quiet around the temple of justice.

During the absence of Mr. J. G. Trimble last week Mr. Edward Everett assisted Cashier Breed in the Bank.

Mr. W. L. Munholland one day last week presented the editor with a handsome meerschaum pipe, and it is needless to say how much we appreciate the gift.

In this issue will be found the advertisement of Spencer & Gray, real estate agents at Archer. If you are in the market for real estate it will pay you to consult with them.

J. A. Watson, for the past six months connected with this paper, will to to El Dorado, Ark., on the 28th, which place he will make his future home.

The Gazette is pleased to chronicle the news that Mr. Jas. A. Saunders, formerly with the Range Co., and a very pleasant gentleman, will on tomorrow lead to Hymen’s altar, Miss Annie McBride, the accomplished daughter of Mr. George F. Killgore, the patriarch of Union Parish. The ceremony will take place at the residence of Mr. Killgore, Rev. J. W. Elliott officiating.

Election of Bank Directors. Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the charter of the Farmerville State Bank, an election will be held on Tuesday, January 2, 1906, at said Bank building, for the purpose of choosing seven directors of said bank for the ensuring year. T. J. Breed, Cashier Nov. 28, 1905.

The physicians of Union Parish are requested to meet in Farmerville on December 19th to hold a meeting of the Union Parish Medical Association. C. H. Jameson, President.


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