Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
December 10, 2009

Wow!! I believe that “Ole Man Winter” has arrived; we know he is coming but it is always a shocker. It’s hard to keep reminding myself “In all things be thankful” on such a cold, rainy and dreary day. When those yellow buses started passing this morning, however, “retirement is wonderful” did pop into my mind. It’s somebody else’s job now. Thank goodness!!!

The Rhodes family would like for you to remember Vergil in your prayers. He went to the ETN specialist, Dr. Pillsbury, on Thursday to determine the cause of his difficulty in speaking. This week he will go back for further consultation on the proper therapy to be used. Vergil is not supposed to talk; therefore, he needs no company or telephone calls. If you would like to let him know that you are thinking of him and Mary Gene, a card would be great.

Last week I failed to note that the Barron family met at the home of Maurene Barron for Thanksgiving. Approximately thirty were there from the Willie/Maurene Barron and Joe/Larue Barron families. I understood Susan to say that some came for dinner and couldn’t stay for supper and others came for supper only because of another commitment. They had a great time with lots of good food and the entire family visiting and sharing family memories. By using Dr. Joey’s beautiful, newly renovated home, they were able to spread our without a need for those “Baptist Pallets” we all remember so well.

Ann and Johnny Heard went to see their grandson, Chandler, play in his All Star Game – North against the South, at Mississippi College in Clinton MS. Chandler played for the South and they won. Ann said that it was very cold: in fact< it snowed the entire last half of the game. They came back on Saturday by Pecanland Mall and it was nothing they needed badly enough to battle the crowd and came on home.

Diane and Ducky Colvin went to North Arkansas to see their grandson, Cody, play with Junction City. Everybody nearly froze to death even tough they were bundled up in clothes and blankets. This coming weekend they will do it again as Junction City plays Bearden in the playoff. Hopefully, they will find some way to keep warm, especially their feet. It’s amazing what people will put themselves through, and think it is worth it, when it comes to those grandkids.

Friday was workday at the Senior Dining Site to repair/replace floor tiles and ceiling tiles in order to meet the requirements of the Health Dept. Those working were Syble Thomas, Betty & Bruce Barron, Bonnie & John Rhodes, Floy Rea, Elmer Atkins and Barbara Walton. Since Elmer was the youngest and had the greatest skills, he was our Coordinator/Supervisor as well as worker. Since everyone was working, the job was completed in less than 3 hours and it looks wonderful. If you want a job well done get someone over sixty with a good “go to” man like Elmer – a walk in the park.

The Christmas Cantata will be presented, by the choir of the First Baptist Church of Spearsville, during the morning service of December 20th. That night we will have a Candle Light service to be followed by a chili/soup supper. Jennifer Lenard will make the chili and Carla Deason will provide the soup. We look forward to this meal with our church family as well as the time with our own families during this Christmas Season.

Thought for the Day

Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger. Franklin P. Jones


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